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Build food resilience through education and create community connections!


Community gardens are a fabulous place to start to teach our communities about how our food is grown.

At Kings Seeds it’s important for us to support the hard work that goes into these community gardens run by volunteers.

All community gardens throughout New Zealand are eligible for our Seeds of Support discount. This discount provides 20% off our online retail pricing for any homegarden seed products in our range.

This offer supersedes other specials and offers and can only be activated with a verified profile through our website. One account per organisation.

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The Seeds of Support Seed Fundraiser is a healthy way to raise money for your charity through selling packets of vegetable, herb and flower seed.

Why choose the Seeds of Support Seed Fundraiser?
• better profitability per unit sold
• easy to execute – we provide the forms and information
• supports healthy living and building resilient communities through growing
our own food
• gardening is a popular hobby of New Zealanders and continues to grow
in popularity
• Kings Seeds is well known and trusted throughout New Zealand
For more details on our Seeds of Support Seed Fundraiser view online

Fundraiser Information Sheet
Seeds of Support Fundraiser

3 easy steps to earn money for your charity!

1. Sell to your Community

Fundraiser Form

2. Consolidate all Orders

Fundraiser Calculator

3. Order your Seed Packets

Fundraiser Collection


There are many great ways to educate your community on gardening or to provide further opportunities for generating funds for your charity.

All charities and community gardens throughout New Zealand are eligible for our Seeds of Support wholesale pricing when buying in bulk.

Seed bought in bulk can be used to:
• Grow seedlings and sell them at a market/fair, roadside stall or to plant in the community garden
• Grow cut flowers in your community garden for sale or to give to volunteers or others in the community
• Grow produce in your community garden for sale, use in educating others or to give to those in the community who may have a need
• Grow potted herbs or plants for sale
• Run a competition for your community; heaviest pumpkin, best bloom, tallest sunflower, tastiest tomato

Whether you choose to carry out these activities to raise funds or as an educational opportunity for your community, there are many ways to support your cause.

Disclaimer: Seed supplied to community gardens and charities is not for resale except in the case of the fundraiser where sales cannot be made via online platforms.