Privacy Policy

Kings Seeds – Privacy Policy


Between              Kings Seeds New Zealand Limited (“us” or “we” or “our”);

And                      You (“you” or “your”);

  1. Privacy policy
    • We will comply with the Privacy Act 2020 (NZ) in relation to any personal information you supply to us or gathered as a result of your use of our website, when you make a payment to us, or when we provide you with our services (“Your Data”).
    • We may collect the following types of Your Data from you:
      • Full name
      • Postal, mailing, or street address
      • Location
      • Email address
      • Telephone or mobile number
      • Age, age-range or birth date
      • Profession, occupation or job title
      • Any additional personal information that you provide us directly or indirectly through our services.
      • Information that is publicly available.
    • If you refuse to provide Your Data, we may be unable to provide you with our services.
  2. Financial Information
    • We use third parties to provide and process any payments you make using our website.
    • We do not hold or collect the financial information (such as credit card information or banking information) you provide when making payments using our website. This financial information is collected and held by the third party processing the payment.
    • Only if you directly provide us with your financial information (such as making a purchase over the phone), will we collect or hold your financial information. Examples of the types of information we may collect and hold under this clause, if you provide it to us, are:
      • Credit card number;
      • CCV/CVV number on your credit card;
      • Card holder’s name;
      • Bank account number;
      • Bank branch; and/or
      • Bank account name.
    • If we do collect or hold your financial information, we will treat it as Your Data under this Privacy Policy.
  3. Methods of collection
    • We collect Your Data in many ways, including:
      • through our account application form.
      • when you access and use our website (such as through cookies).
      • when you interact with us through social media, such as by direct messaging or through public facing comments.
      • when we provide our services to you.
      • when you interact with us through email, over the phone, or in any other form of correspondence.
      • when you make a payment to us or our Shopify platform.
  1. Cookies
    • We may use cookies (which are a small text files containing small pieces of data stored on a device when browsing a website to enable the website host (i.e. us) to record information about that device’s use of the website) and similar technologies to provide you with the services, including to help operate our website efficiently.
    • If you do not wish to use cookies, you may choose to disable cookies in your chosen internet browser’s settings.
  2. What we do with Your Data (Purpose)
    • We will tell you at the time we collect Your Data what we are collecting Your Data for (the purpose).
    • We will use Your Data only for the purpose for which it is supplied to or gathered by us and will not use it for any other purpose or supply to any third party except as required by law or authorised by you.
    • We may collect, hold and use Your Data for the purpose of providing our goods and services to you (including allowing access to our website), to comply with our legal obligations, or as is required to process payments made to us that are not made through third parties.
    • We may use your personal information as collected to provide marketing to you
  3. Security and Data Storage
    • We will take all reasonable steps we can to keep Your Data safe and secure. We will disclose Your Data to only third parties who may provide You with services or carry out administrative or other functions on our behalf. Some of these third parties may be based overseas.
    • We may store Your Data outside of New Zealand. If we do so, we will ensure that Your Data is stored safely and securely under clause 1 above.
  4. Your access to data and information
    • You may request access to Your Data at any time to confirm or verify the accuracy of Your Data, and to alter, remove, or add to Your Data in order to maintain the accuracy of that information.
    • Your Data always remains your property; You may request a copy of Your Data as held by us by emailing us at
  5. General
    • If you choose not to provide us with Your Data under this Privacy Policy, then we may not be able to provide you with access or use of part of or all of our services, process any payments, or information about our goods, services, or payments.