Sowing & Growing

Growing is not prescriptive but getting the basics right will provide a better chance for a great outcome.

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Whether to feed your family, your wellbeing or your competitive side, there is so much satisfaction from growing your own produce!

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Is there anything that brings more joy than flowers! From bud to seed head, the marvel of nature at it's very best.

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Sprouts & Microgreens

Fast growing and nutrient dense, you dont need land to produce these plants!

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For flavour, healing or health! There is so much to learn abut the power of herbs.

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Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

Beautiful, beneficial or you just wish they'd buzz off!

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Recipes & Foodie Stuff

It's one thing to grow it, but then what do you do with what you have produced?

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Growing is a continual evolution of learning, following the seasons and cycles of nature.

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