Our Passion


We created our Seeds of Support program with the aspiration of growing a food resilient New Zealand. Supporting schools, early childhood centres, charities and community gardens across New Zealand to provide opportunities for educating our communities in growing their own food.

“The examples that we set are like seeds on a windy day, they spread far and wide”

Schools & Charities


Having a backyard like New Zealand is something we don’t take for granted. Supporting projects and organisations that aim to create a better outcome for the environment and people of New Zealand is core to our vision.

 “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn


New Zealander’s are known to be a resilient bunch but sometimes even the toughest among us need support. We try to offer support in small ways that will hopefully make a difference.

“With a little seed you can grow a field of hope”

Charity of the Month

Nichola from our production team believes every child deserves to have a carefree childhood. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for many children now. Barnardos does an amazing job of providing children with the support and tools they require to ensure as many children as possible get to experience the childhood they deserve.


Barnardos shapes brighter futures together with children and families in Aotearoa. We work with them to build nurturing relationships and resilient homes and communities, so that children reach their full potential. We're there for the whole childhood journey, and beyond.

For 60 years, we've been part of communities through the motu. Today, our mahi across social services, early learning services, and advocacy for children's right and wellbeing contributes to Barnrados' vision of 'an Aotearoa where every child shines bright'.

All children come into this world with their light shining bright. They have the right to grow up safe, loved and with hope for the future, but the reality is that too many children and young people in Aotearoa are impacted by long-standing social and family problems that affect their everyday lives.

We know that change is possible.

We advocate to drive change at the systems-level, so that national laws, policies, practices, and institutions meet the needs of all children and tamariki, and respect, protect and uphold their rights.

We offer early learning services to all under-fives, to create strong foundations for children's educational and life outcomes.

We provide social support services to children and whanau in our communities facing really tough times - including those who have experienced family violence, addiction, neglect and abuse, and those struggling with mental health issues.

Our social services are a continuum, preventing problems before they get too overwhelming, and like all our mahi, focusses on connecting children to themselves, their families, and their communities. We know that children, their families, and whanau are experts in their own lives, which is why we are all about listening to them and empowering them.

Every day, we're making a positive, long-lasting difference to children's lives. Because when tamariki shine bright, Aotearoa shines bright.

For the month of December, the proceeds from the sales of Calendula Daisy Faces will go to Barnardos

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Supporting our Community

Grow on Katikati
Katikati A & P Show
Katikati College
Omokoroa Community Garden