Your Garden over the Christmas Break

Your Garden over the Christmas Break

Christmas is coming quickly this year..... here at Kings Seeds we are still just as busy as the bees in the garden.

With just 11 days to go until Christmas, now is definitely the time to make some holiday plans for your garden, if you haven't already done so!

Plans for your garden will depend on what plans you have made for yourself for the Christmas break.

If you are going away, make sure you don't come home to the tragedy of a ruined, dried-out garden by having a plan for how you will keep the garden watered while you are away. You can invest in an automatic watering system (don't forget the plants in pots) - your garden will thank you for it.

Or you could ask a friendly (and reliable) neighbour to pop over at regular intervals and get the hose or the watering can out for you.

Of course, if you can't bear to be away from your garden, you could take some of it with you.

Taking some potted up herbs or salad greens with you on holiday (if you have the space to take them) will allow you to add some delicious fresh flavours to your holiday fare. We love this idea for a hanging salad garden - simply take it with you to the bach and enjoy fresh salads while you are there.

If you are planning a holiday later in the summer, you could sow some salad greens now and have them ready in time to take them away with you.

If all of this taking-your-salads-on-holiday sounds like a fantastic idea but, like me, you haven't got round to doing any of it, then microgreens could be the answer.

These are so quick to grow that you could sow them now and be harvesting microgreens at Christmas.

Just imagine that lovely lazy post-Christmas open sandwich - cold meat, delicious relish or dressing, and topped with some beautiful, tender, tasty microgreens. I might just have room for a small container of microgreens in the car when we head off camping. Or I might just take the container and seed mix and sow them when we get there.

I love this idea I found online... ....sowing microgreens in an old biscuit tin. When it's time to go, just put the lid on, take it with you in the car, and take the lid off when you get to your destination. Fresh microgreens for you and your friends and family.

At our house, the garden is growing beautifully and is full of food - it's hard to tear ourselves away for our camping holiday because we are a bit out of practice at buying food - we've been harvesting it from the garden instead, which has been great (I'm just a tiny bit sick of cauliflower at the moment).

Our summer holiday plans have been just slightly complicated by the arrival of a new addition to our "flock" - our first little chick hatched two days ago. She had been out of the shell for less than an hour before the children had named her Marigold. We started with five fertilised eggs but have only had one little chick hatch, so we are hoping that Marigold is a girl, so that we can keep her. She is awfully popular with the children, who have been spending all their time-out in the chicken dome with Mallow and Marigold.

So we need far more help than just an automatic watering system this Christmas....we need someone to feed the cat, the goldfish and the chickens, someone to water the garden, AND someone to pick the zucchini, the sprouting broccoli, the cabbages, the beet, the strawberries (the list goes on) .... and eat it .... before the whole house is buried under a mountain of vegetables.

The answer? One of our gardening friends, who lives in a busy holiday destination, wants out of the madness for the Christmas break and has offered to come and house-sit. The perfect solution! Thanks, Linda!
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