Four Seasons in a Christchurch Garden

Four Seasons in a Christchurch Garden

This week the whole country has been talking about the snow - from deep drifts in the deep south to is-it-snow-flakes in the north!

We thought that this week we would tell you the story of a Christchurch garden, belonging to our customers, Kathy and Barry.

Kathy and Barry sent us this photo of their beautiful garden and we used it inside and on the back cover of last year's catalogue. Then the September earthquake hit and, like many others, Kathy and Barry's garden was buried under the silt that came bubbling up with liquefaction.

The silt spread over the garden - they said it was heartbreaking to see it reach the plants.

With the help of the Student Army, Kathy and Barry cleaned the silt away - and this was the result of all that hard work. They replanted and got their garden growing again.

Only three months later, the garden was looking amazing We thought this was a really impressive transformation, due to a lot of hard work.

After the February earthquake, Kathy and Barry sent us some more photos of their garden - buried again under the silt that poured out of blow-holes beside the house. They dug it out again, with help from others!

This week, Kathy and Barry sent us a photo of their garden in the snow, and we thought that now would be a good time to show you their garden. It has certainly been an eventful year in this Christchurch garden. Kathy and Barry have dug it out from under silt twice and have dug it out from under snow twice. We know that come summer, this garden will be beautiful again, but we thought you might like to see it as it is now, beautiful in the snow!

Thank you, Kathy and Barry for sharing these photos with us. We wish you and all our other Christchurch gardeners all the best of luck for the new growing season to come.
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