Hit us with your best shot!

Hit us with your best shot!


When doing research into professionals’ suggestions for taking good images, there are some factors that are out of reach for the average amateur. Much is said about having quality photographic equipment. To be fair, most of us don’t have access to a top quality camera. We’re relying on our mobile phones, many of which take very good photos without too much effort. Sure, there’s a range of phone quality but even the simplest phones can take pretty good shots...

Bee on Flower

There are easier things to pay attention to, some that you have control over and others that you don’t:

Firstly, choose your subject or focal point and then focus on it. Make sure your camera keeps your subject in focus too. Get close (if you can), allowing your focal point to fill the frame. Although a centred image may be exactly what you’re after, placing your subject off-centre can make for a more interesting shot, drawing the eye to the whole as opposed to just the centre.

Iphone taking photo

Change your position so you’re not just taking your shot head on, try taking your picture from a high, low or even skewed angle. Think about using a natural frame to direct attention to your subject. If the frame is quite close to the camera, it can act as a foreground layer and add more depth to the image.

Bean frames

Natural lighting is ideal for high-quality photos. I always find that the best light is first thing in the morning, before sunset in the evening and on slightly cloudy days. Images of bright blue skies in the glare of the day can be amazing but you have to take care that your shots don’t get that washed out look.

Chive Flowers with Bees

Take a good look at your background when you take photos. Busy backgrounds can put too much on the screen, making a shot feel jumbled and distracting. When taking a picture of a person, use simple backgrounds to put all the attention on your subject.

Cape Gooseberry

Best of all, take lots of shots and mobile cameras make that a breeze. If you want to figure out how to take good photos with a phone, find out what settings your phone camera has. Try taking photos of things you wouldn't normally shoot, even around your own home. Shoot away and then just delete all the “rubbish” shots. Somewhere amongst the pile, there’ll be a gem worth keeping. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling that you’ve captured the right light on your subject at the perfect moment in time.

There’s a great image in all of you, so take the shot!
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