Our Front Garden

Our Front Garden

As part of our product knowledge sessions that we regularly do, we did a quiz here at work this week and it inspired this blog. We were given 10 minutes (with no referring to our catalogues) to name as many varieties as we could, growing in the front garden. This proved to be fun and a great learning exercise as there are 30 different ones but not all of them were obvious having not flowered yet.
Here at the Kings Seeds premises we have several different garden plots around the property. Being based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, our soil is very, very good which is always a great start to planting plentiful gardens. Most of them are low-maintenance due to us all trying to keep on top of the tasks in our own gardens, but Gerard enjoys spending time in the gardens here with a little help from his trusty side-kick Chester the black Labrador.

One of the gardens he started a couple of years ago is on the retaining wall at the edge of our car park. Compost and lime are added to the soil each year and the garden has now gotten to the point where it can basically be left to self-seed. Different varieties are added into the gaps each spring to freshen it up.
Before vs After
There are about 30 varieties so I decided to share some photos of the lovely blooms we are enjoying at the moment. Enjoy..........
[ Click on the names to go to the variety directly for more information ]

Calendula Oopsy Daisy

Calendula Oopsy Daisy
Poppy California Jelly Beans and Cornflower Classic Fantastic

Poppy Cornflower
Sweet William Summer Mix
Sweet Williams

Cosmos Xanthos

Cosmos Xanthos
Bellis Pompoms

Bellis Pompom

Stock Spring Sparkle

Stock Spring Sparkle

Gerbara Transvaal Daisies


Dianthus Rainbow Loveliness and Snow in Summer

These varieties are no longer in our catalogue or were given to us to try.

Gaillardia Arizona Sun




Other varieties you may be able to see in the photos include:

Origanum Kent Beauty

Ornamental Carrot Purple Kisses

Salvia Select Blue

Nasturtium Trailing Mix

Guem Mrs Bradshaw

Nicotiana Sylvestris

Dianthus King of the Blacks

Lupin Avalune

Viola Clear Colour Mix





Sweet William Indian Carpet Mix

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