Ideas for giving the gift of seed this Christmas

Ideas for giving the gift of seed this Christmas

We aim to inspire you!! In this blog, we share a few ideas for giving the gift of seed for Christmas. You quite possibly have all you need in your garden shed or cupboard to facilitate some of the ideas below. However, if you need to place an order, be assured that we process all your orders within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). It's no trouble to get orders to you quickly and selecting the express shipping option will also ensure it is delivered by courier. There's something to suit most people here so keep reading............


There are lots of things you can pop into a pot and give as a present. Buy a lovely pot or container or simply wrap a budget priced pot in Xmas paper. Fill it with a bit of potting mix and add a seedling, especially if you have plenty left over from your seed raising this spring.

Alternatively, fill with seed-raising mix and pop in a few seeds of something that will grow quickly at this time of the year.
  • Rocket or Mesclun for a lush leafy look
  • Radishes will show some greenery within a few days
  • Handy herbs include Basil, Calendula, Coriander, or Parsley
  • Catmint or Catnip for the cat-lovers.

Little pots of flowers could be started in a pot now for transplant into the recipient's garden later if they wish.
What about microgreens? Lots of people have heard about them but maybe not experienced how easy they are to grow and yummy to eat. You can use any container, my favourite being shallow pots or those inexpensive terracotta saucers that usually go under a pot. You could give one or two varieties in separate pots or get creative with several varieties in one pot. For example, I mark my seed raising mix in the saucer into quarters and then sow Pea Fiji Feathers, Radish Rambo for the red, with Beet and Sorrel. This gives me a really great combination of flavours. Try your own combinations and mark your soil into 3 strips or just half. It all looks great and at this time of year will pop up pretty quickly.


If you have no time to do a quick bit of planting, check out our special this month. We are doing Microgreen Starter packs with a catalogue for just $30. We have included the catalogue so you have a description of all the microgreen varieties and prices for refills.

If Sprouts are more appealing for giving as a present, we have a Starter pack for that too and we also have a new pack this year called 'Sprouts to Micros'. This includes the varieties that can be grown as either sprouts or microgreens.

For more ideas, check out these Collections, made up of several packets of seed grouped together in a pack according to the theme. Examples are:

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are always a great idea if you would rather they choose. We have $10, $20, $50 & $100 vouchers and are valid for a whole year, so the recipient has plenty of time to plan when to spend them.

Delivery & Messages

We can deliver to you or to your recipient. Just enter their details in the 'Delivery Address' boxes when you check out and add a comment for us to put on a card that will be included in the package.

Although socks, hankies and soaps are nice, how about giving something that encourages your family and friends to grow their own nutritious food? Go on, you still have time.

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