Garden Gifts for Mothers' Day

Garden Gifts for Mothers' Day


Mothers' Day is Sunday May 10th

Mothers all over the country will be celebrated and appreciated on Sunday 10th May this year. They deserve to be celebrated every day of the year of course, and in turn they will always be appreciative of those lovely gifts that have been handmade by their loved ones.

In my childhood home, we used to have a pin-board for all the special pictures we drew or painted and a cute little shelving unit mounted on the wall in the dining room where little treasures and handmade gifts we had made for mum or dad were displayed proudly. My mum still has a few precious wee handmade gifts she received over the years from all four of her angelic children and every now and then she brings them out to remind us of our creativity through the years. The lumpy clay pots, fimo creatures, papier mache, dried & pressed flowers. I'm sure many of you had the same creative experiences.


Nana and poppa, get the grandchildren working on a project for Mothers Day. Dad, get the children making something for their Mum for Mothers Day. It doesn't have to be complicated and with google at your fingertips it is easy to get the kids to find instructions on the web. You may even be inspired as an adult to give some of these a try.

A mini bouquet. Cut a little bunch of wild flowers or lavender or similar. Secure with a rubberband and then tie a nice little ribbon over the rubberband.


Little pots of herbs.

  • Three herbs is a good combination. Commonly used herbs are basil, chives, parsley, oregano.

  • Keep the cost down by buying plain terracotta pots.

  • Get creative with your containers. What about 3 big teacups or coffee mugs?


Paint a pot or a set of them.

  • Give an old pot a new life by painting it.

  • See the above pictures for ideas

    • use blackboard paint and then draw in chalk

    • dribble paint from the bottom for colourful abstract look

    • use things to create texture eg. netting

  • If painting terracotta pots, it is best to paint them with a sealant first. You can buy small containers of this from most hardware or garden shops.

  • Use paint to suit outdoor conditions if your pot is not for indoor use.

  • Test pots are a good source for lots of colours or spray-paint for base colour.


Paint a garden rock or set of them.

  • Have lots of fun painting all sizes of rock.

  • Its best to get ones that have a smooth surface.

  • You can use any paint. I tend to use the test pots from paint or hardware stores.

  • You could paint them to use as markers for the different veges or herbs grown in the garden.


What about pumice carving or hanging art?

Pumice is perfect for outdoors so it is a great medium for using to make garden art. All you need is an old knife, a sharp stick, some wire and maybe a little paint.


Origami flowers

  • Make is as simple or as complicated as you like.

  • There is lots of help online.

  • Purchase nice paper from specialist paper shops or use wrapping paper sheets.

A folder to keep seeds in

  • Use a coloured Lever Arch folder from any stationery store and the A4 plastic pockets - with top-opening & reinforced spine OR

  • A coloured A4 Display Book which already has the plastic pockets

  • Decorate your folder with stickers, cut-out pictures & photos

  • Individually name each pocket with variety names such as Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumbers, etc.


  • A new garden tool; rusty looking garden fork? Something she doesn't have like a wonder-weeder.

  • A new pair of gardening gloves never go amiss.

  • A fruit tree.

  • Bird house or bird feeder.

  • A simple glass vase for the flowers she picks from her garden.

And if you are in our neighbourhood on the morning of Friday 8th May we are having one of our open days. We start promptly at 10am and the talk will be on putting your garden to sleep for the winter. Plus you can purchase gifts for Mothers Day. We would love to see you here at 189 Wharawhara Road, Katikati.

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