Being creative with your Microgreens

Being creative with your Microgreens

Being creative with Microgreens?

Not only are microgreens a great addition to your meals and snacks, they are fun to get creative with.

Try growing a pattern with different coloured varieties. Aim to create an object of interest that's alive and growing before being consumed when mature. The fun part is trying to sow the seeds so your pattern becomes clearer as the seedlings grow. As the micros mature, the colours will fill in and your end result will be amazing. Another bonus is that you now have a really nice mix of colours and flavours to cut.

Check out this Microgreen clock grown for an open day and demonstration held at Kings Seeds.

Here's how it was done:

  1. To start, find a container big enough for your display.

  2. Ensure it has drainage holes and line with newspaper if the holes are large.

  3. Fill with seed-raising mix and tamp down gently.

  4. Mark out your pattern in the soil. Use a skewer or toothpick to draw in soil. Alternatively, cut small pieces of string or cotton and lay them out on the soil.

  5. Carefully sprinkle or place each variety of seed within your lines. Press the bigger seeds into the soil a little.

  6. Sprinkle a thin layer of seed-raising mix over the seed.

  7. Mist spray or lightly water and place in a warm spot.

Another suggestion is to use a multi-layered pot with little pockets. These are used for herb gardens or flowers, but there is no reason you couldn't use them for growing a lovely display of microgreens.


Use containers with a difference to grow your microgreens. I usually have a container of some kind as the centre-piece on my outside table, and it always creates a conversation. Pea tendrils are my favourite to grow as they have some height but red microgreens look great too.

The best bit is that you and your family/guests can pick at the microgreens to taste them when sitting around the table. For many of my friends, it has been their introduction to microgreens. During nibbles and drinks it is something a bit different to do, encouraging everyone to pick a pinch of microgreens to pop on top of anything on crackers, particularly cheese, salmon or pate.

Getting creative differently, I was looking at my seedling raising planter box a few weeks ago, wondering if I could utilize it through the winter. My decision was to experiment with microgreens and see which varieties I can get to grow at this time of the year. The planter box is at the back of the property where it is quite shaded with a bit of afternoon sun so I was doubtful about the results BUT look what happened!
I am thrilled with the progress and it is providing us with some lovely winter greens. A mix of kale, mizuna, mesclun lettuce, coriander, parsley, spinach and rocket. The baby leaves are being used as garnish and for making salads.

Last but certainly not least, get creative with how you use your microgreens in your cooking. The team at Kings Seeds had a bit of fun a few years ago and we all created a dish using the microgreens we were given. Here are some of the delicious results.

Prawn Salad with Microgreens

Burger with Microgreens

Salmon & Microgreens finger food

Poached eggs on Microgreens

Pesto Pasta on Microgreens

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