Wildflower Beneficial Insect & Pollinator Blend

It's amazing how things come about, isn't it? Back in 2013, a chap called Arthur Baysting raised the idea of sowing wildflower bee food in the wastelands following Christchurch's devastation. Some of you may recall that Arthur was a musician/songwriter for a band called The Crocodiles, back in the day. He opened communications with the late Steve Wratten, a professor with the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University for his input.

Steve had a wealth of knowledge with regard to the world of beneficial insects and after additional research, he assembled a list of seed-grown flowering plants, high in nectar and pollen that bees would thrive on. The idea was to produce a blend with Lincoln Bio-Protection branding.

Gerard's part was to take this list and determine three things - were they easy to grow, easy to source and suitable for NZ conditions? He would then source the seed to supply very economically with simple instructions in a convenient packet size.
Thus our Pollinator Blend was created. It was a carefully selected mix of Rudbeckia, Thyme, Red Clover, Phacelia, Echium, Salvia, Cornflower and European Poppy.

Over time, and due to issues of supply, this blend has been tweaked but is still an amazing blend of flowering plants high in nectar and pollen for bees and beneficial insects, just with a new name....

Wildflower Beneficial Insect & Pollinator Blend
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