Simple Healing with Herbs

Simple Healing with Herbs


In our fast paced lives, it is takes a conscious effort to slow down and take the time to look at slower methods of doing things. There is a big movement back to natural remedies and this is demonstrated to us on a regular basis by the number of medicinal herbs that are ordered.

Over time, most of us here at Kings Seeds have used natural herbal remedies for different ailments for ourselves, our families and our pets. It is always very satisfying when they work and we can then share our experience with each other. And why shouldn't they work..........after all, herbs have been used for many centuries when modern medicine was not available.

A common belief these days is that there is room for both modern and natural medicines in our lives. This is then a good reason to look at herbal tonics or applications that take a few minutes to make and can be sourced from your gardens. There are many combinations of herbs that can be used as well but the focus is on minimal time required. These tips are intended for minor ailments & as preventative measures.

For Throats when swallowing hurts or you have that annoying tickle.

Sage gargle
Grab a few branches of sage, place them in your coffee plunger, pour hot water over the top and leave to soak for 1/2 a day. Then gargle several times a day with the liquid or spray into the back of your throat.

Peppermint gargle
If you have fresh peppermint growing in the garden, follow the same process as for sage. An alternative is to add a drop of peppermint essential oil to a cup of warm water and gargle with it.

For Bites & Stings when you need something to take away the sting.

Lavender or basil rub
Pick a couple of basil leaves or a sprig of lavender, crush gently between your fingers and then rub your fingers on the bite or sting. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce those annoying mosquito and sandfly bites or wasp and bee stings.

For Itchy Scalp when you realise you are scratching your head frequently.

Rosemary rub
Fifteen minutes before you take a shower, mix some crushed rosemary leaves in a bit of olive oil and massage into your scalp. Then simply rinse out. Repeat every few days until the itch has gone.

For Itchy Skin when you have had too much sun or your baby has nappy rash.

Calendula wash
Dried calendula petals (a small handful) steeped in 1/4 cup of boiling water and left to cool can be used to wipe on sunburned skin. It is gentle enough to also use on tender baby skin that is afflicted by nappy rash.

For Acne when you are tired of the spots.

Thyme toner
Grab a handful of fresh thyme leaves or a tablespoon of dried thyme. Crush in your hands and rub on your wet face. Leave for at least 10 minutes then wash off. Repeat each day until redness and spots look better.


A cup of fresh thyme leaves or 3 tablespoons of dried thyme can be steeped in 2 cups of boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain and use to rub on your face twice daily as a toner. Keep unused liquid in fridge and remake fresh each week.

For Relaxing Sleep when you just need some calm.

Lavender linen
Lavender is well know for its calming aromatic properties. Pick some lavender and tie little bunches together. Place these in your linen cupboard for a heavenly smell each time you open the door. It is also nice to place lavender sprigs between your sheets and towels, especially the pillowcases. Replace the sprigs when they dry and lose their aroma.

There are many many other herbal remedies to explore so we have started you off with just a few. We hope this blog inspires you try some natural methods of healing. Go on....add some more herbs to to your garden planning for the spring so you can experiment.
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