Our Favourite Border Flowers

Our Favourite Border Flowers

Who can resist a lovely flower garden? There are so many varieties out there, that as a "gardener in learning" I am always overwhelmed when trying to make choices as to what to grow and the look to achieve. Decisions are made and then another variety grabs my attention and decisions are un-made.

Do you find that it's a lot like decorating, deciding on the colour palette and then the structure? Borders can be tall at the back or short at the front and that really depends on the width of the garden bed as to how much you can squeeze in.

To get some inspiration and a starting point, the Kings Seeds staff were asked about their favourites so here's what they thought...

Snow in Summer (#1295)
This wonderful ground cover is in our gardens here at work and we receive many comments on it. Most of us now have it in our own gardens and it just keeps on giving. The foliage is a beautiful grey-green that stays that way for the majority of the year and then the crisp white of the flowers over spring and summer is a great display. As the plant spreads and becomes established, it is easy to break pieces off and re-sow elsewhere.

It is particularly stunning when grown at the front of a raised bed and left to drape over the edge.

Snow in Summer

Dianthus Picotee (#0425)
Who can resist this classic flower? The double blooms are a great range of colours including pinks, whites and burgundy. Camilla loves them so much she grew them for her garden wedding and is still enjoying their charm. Due to their height (approx 60cm), these are great on a background or side border.
dianthus picotee
Aquilegia Pink Petticoat (#0109)
The aquilegia flower structure is a favourite with its pleated petals and the range of colours provides something for everyone.

The Pink Petticoat is just like a little pink skirt with a white petticoat. Janet is rather proud of the border in her garden using these.

Aquilegia Pink Petticot
Salvia Blue Bedder (#1200)
As well as providing a good metre high leafy border with spikes of purple/blue flowers, these salvias are a great gap filler with their bushy foliage. They love a sunny spot in your garden. If you prefer the shorter version for a front border, check out the Salvia Signum which is new to our range this year and grows to just 30cm high.


Salpiglossis Chocolate Royale (#1198)
These stunning flowers were grown here at work in a tub and I was so taken with them, I grew them as a border flower in my own garden. The rich velvety colour acts as a beautiful contrast to other colours in your garden and the flower is quite similar to a petunia. It pays to start growing them as it gets warmer, so now is a good time to plant some for a late annual blooming.

Choc Salipigolis
Nepeta Border Ballet (#0930)
The Border Ballet variety we have is a perfect perennial for your border. The mix of colour from blue to light pinks gives a good showing for a decent length of time. It's easy to grow and particularly loved by the bees which is good for the whole garden. It is also perfect as a cut flower.

Nepata Blue Bedder

Antirrhinum (#0077)
Any of the Antirrhinums in our range provide a big colourful border whether it be at the front or back of the garden. The heights vary from 35-90cm so you can choose one to suit. Many refer to these flowers as snapdragons due to the shape of the flower and they provide cut flowers to enjoy indoors as well. This variety pictured below is the stunning Lucky Lips which has a Fleuroselect award.

Antirrhinum Lucky Lips

Alyssum (#4210)
A very reliable variety that provides a good border cover at the front of many gardens. Super easy to grow and just keeps popping up each year as you can see here in Sonya's garden.

This blog could go on for pages with so many flowers that are suitable for border planting. We hope that you enjoy us sharing some of our favourites.
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