How to Get Rid of White Butterfly NZ

How to Get Rid of White Butterfly NZ


White Cabbage Butterfly is a pest most gardeners will battle with at some point in their gardening journey. With distinct black spots across white wings, they are very easy to identify. They may look like innocent little creatures, but they can absolutely wreak havoc on your crops. The butterflies lay eggs on the underside of leaves on brassicas where they are hard to spot and then, once the larvae hatch, they will devour your precious produce.

The best ways to get rid of these pests are:

Keep brassicas in contained in a fine mesh cover that prevents the butterflies from getting near your plants. This is one of the most effective methods and means you are not having to check your crops on a regular basis.

If you manage to spot the eggs early, crush them then brush or hose them off, and then spray the plant with an insecticide such as Derris Dust.

Plant Marigold in between brassica plants. They are a companion plant that works well to deter White Cabbage Butterfly due to their pungent smell.

Remove of affected leaves and kill any caterpillars that are visible. This is a very manual task and will require constant checking of your garden.

Have sacrificial plants. Nasturtium and calendula are perfect for the role, as White Cabbage Butterfly will target these rather than your brassicas for laying their eggs. Once you notice the eggs on the plants or see signs of them being eat, simply pull them out.

Encourage birds into your garden. Birds love to gobble up White Cabbage Butterflies and are also just lovely to have around.


If you have any more tips or tricks for battling White Cabbage Butterfly, send them through to us.

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