Heirloom Flower Power

Heirloom Flower Power

Ever wondered which Flowers are our Top Sellers?

We're always keen to see, after our busy spring, the ones that have created the greatest degree of interest and the old favourites firming their position once again. We analyse what you, our home gardeners, have purchased, and are excited to see new ones making it straight onto the Top Sellers list, as this is a rare occurrence for flower varieties. It usually takes a couple of seasons and the odd magazine or newspaper article for a variety to achieve this.

And so to our Top Selling Heirloom Flower varieties.........

Stock Night Scented
A warm evening in summer is when this lovely Stock flower is in its element, providing a delicate waft of scent for all to enjoy. Plant it in clumps around your garden to make the most of the fragrance. The delicate lilac-pink flowers, being annual, should bloom from early summer through to the middle of summer. Water regularly as it doesn't do well in hot dry conditions. It can also be grown in pots that are watered regularly as it only grows to approx 30cm high.

Cosmos White
Cosmos comes in many colours but white appears to be the most popular according to our Top Sellers list. As this annual grows to approximately 1.5m, it looks great waving about at the back of your border and I personally think the spiky greenery adds great texture.

Nigella Love in a Mist
It is no wonder that Nigella is one of our top selling flowers as it is a very pretty annual producing lots of pastel flowers in shades of blue, rose, pink and white. Each flower is surrounded by greenery that is feathery like fennel and the seed pods are also attractive when the flower is spent.

Campanula Blue Bell
One of the best perennial bell flowers and on our Top sellers list. Excellent as a cut flower as it lasts well in water, this Campanula has spikes of large bell-like flowers up to 2.5cm across and comes in various shades of blue. A beautiful addition to any garden and flowering prolifically in Barb & Gerard's garden right now.

Bishops Flower
Another excellent cut flower with the white flowers of Bishops Flower creating a similar look to Gypsophila. It is a wildflower that's great for hosting beneficial insects in your garden. In ancient Egypt it was used to treat skin conditions and it is possible it is being studied for use in cancer and AIDS treatments.

More Top Sellers.....

We've covered many heirloom varieties in previous blogs - just click on each link below to go straight to each of these.

These flowers suit their name as they pop with a burst of colour in your garden. Check out the Poppy blog here.

Market Poppies

Corn Poppies
The simplicity of this beautiful poppy and all that it means for our fallen soldiers, made writing this blog a necessity in 2014.

Sweet Peas
The amazing scent and colour range of the sweet pea, guarantees their position as an absolute favourite for many. Read this blog about them.

Sunflower Skyscraper
This is the sunflower you grow if you want to have a competition and many of our customers do. The fact that the seeds are great for eating is a bonus so take a look at this blog about Sunflowers.

We buy half a tonne of this each year as it is an ideal manure crop and fantastic for bringing bees to your garden. Read about Phacelia and other green manure crops in this blog.


As many flower seeds are small and need careful handling, we thought it was worth giving you a few tips about how to sow the tiniest of seeds:
  • Ensure your hands are dry and clean so you can discern the seed from the dirt - this was a beginner mistake I made!!
  • Smooth out the seed raising mix as much as possible to ensure you have no little pockets for water to sit in.
  • Sprinkle your seed on the surface of the mix and press down gently.
  • Mist spray so as not to dislodge the seeds
  • Keep evenly warm and continue to mist spray until the seedling is strong enough to cope with normal watering.

Why not try some of the above heirloom flowers in your garden
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