Edible Flowers from Herbs

Edible Flowers from Herbs


Which Herbs Have Edible Flowers?
Flower garnish

There are quite a few herb flowers that can be added to your range of edible flowers so lets have a look at which ones are safe to consume. These flowers are wonderful as a colourful garnish or taste boost for both sweet and savoury food or great added to salads. There are also many sweet dishes that use edible herb flowers.

Herb flowers tend to be a little more flavoursome than standard edible flowers such as viola, cornflower, etc so are best used sparingly. The Herb flowers tend to have a milder taste than the foliage, as a rule. Pick them early in the morning when they are at their best.
(It goes without saying, avoid those that have been treated with pesticides.)

Your herbs may have attracted insects. After picking them, leave them somewhere cool like your pantry to let the insects depart. Placing them in a container on a paper towel helps to contain the insects so you can pop them back in the garden. You can also give them a very light rinse just before use.

Herbal Tea

Add the edible flowers to your dishes just before serving to avoid wilting or discolouration. If you're adding dressing to a salad, do so first and add the flowers at the end. Dressings that contain acid (citrus juice or vinegar) will tend to discolour the petals.



A round pom-pom shaped lilac flower with subtle chive taste.

Garlic Chive flowers are also edible. Try the chive flower petals in sauces, soups, potato & egg dishes.

Chive Flowers


The basil flower spike is creamy white and has a milder taste of basil than the leaves.

Use them in any dish to which you'd add basil or pesto and they look great added to tea.

Basil Flower


A beautiful star-shaped purple/blue flower that tastes similar to honey.

The flower can be crystallised or used fresh.

Borage Flower


Light purple or white flowers with a spicy note. A mild version of the leaves.

Use them infused in tea, as a decoration on cakes or infused in vinegar.



Bright yellow multi-petalled flower with a bitter but not unpleasant taste.

It has many health properties including Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, antioxidants and the pollen, in particular, provides health benefits.



Purple cone shaped flower. Being related to both mint and rosemary indicates the taste of the flowers.

Lavender has been making a comeback in the culinary world for a few years now. You may have seen beautiful lavender shortbread, cakes, custards, ice-cream, cocktails, etc.



The white flowers have a more delicate flavour than the strongly flavoured leaves of the plants.

Oils infused with oregano flowers look and taste great. Anything to do with oregano goes well on pizza.

Oregano Flower


(Also known as Mexican Mint Marigold)

Small yellow flowers with flat petals that have a licorice flavour.

Unlike the French and Russian tarragon, the flowers of this variety are edible and add a great little surprise in a salad.

Tarragon Texas


Depending on the variety the flowers are mauve/blue, white and pink.

With a spicy taste (almost mint flavour) the flowers can be used as an alternative to lavender flowers.

Hyssop Flower


The flowers of coriander are white or pink umbels and tend to appear early in the summer.

Again, the flower is a milder taster than the foliage, with citrus/spicy notes.

Coriander Flower


Small white flowers that the bees love.

The flavour is great with beans, both green beans and dried beans. Apparently Savory helps to minimise wind caused by eating beans. The spicy flavour is perfect for casseroles, roasts and winter savory has a peppery flavour so is lovely added to salads as a garnish.

Winter Savoury

Use of herb flowers requires a bit of experiment as they tend to be quite potent in flavour. It is advised to use them sparingly in your cooking, adding as you go to achieve the taste you want. It is also important to source your herbal flowers from locations where there have been no sprays used. This means avoiding flower shops or picking from the roadside.

However, you decide to use them, enjoy the enhancement in flavour and colour herb flowers add to your food, drinks and preserves.

Edible Flower Salad

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