Fun and Games Growing Cress

Fun and Games Growing Cress

You will need:
Paper towels or Cotton Wool Balls
Spray Bottle for watering gently
Yoghurt or Ice cream Containers
Egg Cartons
Paints and Pens
Plastic Wrap
Black Pipe cleaners (for caterpillar antennae)

Wash a yoghurt pot and either peel off the wrapper or paint the outside of the pot. Glue or draw on some eyes, a nose and a mouth to make a face.
Wet some scrunched-up paper towel and push this into the pot followed by a thin damp layer of cotton wool or cotton wool balls, leaving a gap of about 2cm below the top of the pot.
Sprinkle cress seed on top of the cotton wool pressing it down lightly.
Leave the pot in a warm light place (the kitchen windowsill is a good place) and watch daily for signs of growth which should happen after about 7 days.
Check that the cotton wool remains damp and add a little water if necessary.

Cress Initial or Favourite Shape
Place your cotton wool balls or paper towel on the bottom of a flat container (perhaps an ice cream container) and soak with water.
Shake some seeds into your hand and carefully shape them into the desired initial or shape (beware as they are easily scattered!)
Place the container on a windowsill.

Cress Caterpillar
Cut the bottom half off an egg carton and then cut it again lengthways so you have two, long shapes each with three (or six) compartments.
To make one caterpillar, paint the outside of the carton green with a yellow stripe around the top.
Glue or draw on some eyes, a nose and mouth and make two pipe cleaners into antennae and fasten them so that they stick out above the eyes.
Line the base of the egg carton with a strip of plastic wrap (to stop the carton from going soggy).
Add some scrunched-up paper towel and cotton wool balls as before, leaving a space from the top of about 1cm.
Sprinkle the seeds along, pressing them down lightly.
Leave as before, checking daily for growth and dampness.

Whatever you choose to grow …..
Make sure the cotton wool or paper towel is kept wet as the seeds won’t grow if they’re allowed to dry out.
In just a week’s time, when the cress has reached about 5cm, it’ll be ready to eat!
Tastes yummy in a sandwich with egg or cheese!
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