Compare your Zucchini varieties

Cat# Variety Name Plant Width Fruit size Skin colour Heirloom Particular Uses
3740 Black Beauty 1m 15-20cm Dark green Heirloom
9620 Black Coral F1 1m 20cm Dark green/black Hybrid
9620 Cocozelle 1m 20cm Pale green/dark stripes Heirloom Can be grown to marrow & stuffed
9630 Costata Romanesco 1m 20cm Grey green Heirloom Heavy male blossom buds for cooking
9645 Golden Zebra F1 1m 20cm Yellow/orange stripes Hybrid Great taste/firm flesh
9650 Gold Rush F1 1m 20cm Golden yellow Hybrid
9660 Rampicante 1m 20cm Dark yellow Heirloom Gnocchi & ravioli, soup, flowers - stuff or fry
9670 Zephyr F1 1m 10-15cm Yellow/green bicolour Hybrid
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