Space Savers in your Garden



In addition to growing gourmet salad greens to the micro stage, there are many other vegetables and edible flowers which are ideal for a small garden or on a patio in containers. For a continual supply, make successive sowings throughout the growing season.

Choose from the following vegetables that grow on a compact plant or are naturally smaller in size or can be harvested when young:

Beetroots Albino, Bulls Blood or Golden Detroit; Carrot Amsterdam Sprint; Celery for Cutting; Eggplant Thai Purple F1; Florence Fennel Milano; Onions Pearl Drop and Purplette; Pepper Jingle Belles; Radish Red Cherry; Tomatoes Baxter’s Early Bush Cherry, Gold Nugget, Roma, Sub Arctic Plenty; Turnip Tokyo White Cross.

Grow flowers that can be used as a garnish after you have enjoyed them in your garden. The following flowers and flavours can add another dimension to your dinner table:

Cornflower (mild and sweet); Calendula (tangy and slightly bitter); Dianthus (mild clove); Hollyhock (mild and sweet); Marigold (spicy and citrusy); Nasturtium (spicy and peppery); Runner Beans (bean-like); Sunflowers (bittersweet); Viola (mild and bitter).
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