Salsify Tips & Recipe

Salsify Tips & Recipe


Salsify Tips & Recipe

Wash the Salsify well then scrape the roots. Cut them into desired length pieces and immediately place into water to prevent discolouration. Boil in salted water, to which some lemon juice has been added, for 40 to 45 minutes or until tender. The vegetable can now be drained and eaten as is with butter and freshly ground black pepper, or it can be mashed and made into croquettes or fritters, served in a cheese sauce smothered with chopped hard-boiled egg and parsley, served cold in a French dressing, served with garlic butter or casseroled with celery in a cheese sauce.

Scorzonera is treated the same way except that it is cooked before it is scraped. When cooked, peel it without letting it get cold. Under the black skin, the flesh is white.

Salsify leaves, if fresh, can be cooked or used raw in salad.

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