Sunflower Growing Instructions

Sunflower Growing Instructions

Sunflowers do not like to be transplanted so sow them where they are going to grow - either in a pot or directly into the ground.

From September onward sow 2 seeds in your chosen location and thin out to 1 strong seedling. They need 90 days to flower.

Protect from slugs using slug bait and birds during the seedling stage. They are easy pickings.

Aphids are the only insects that can be a problem - wash from the plant with water.

Sunflower Skyscraper can grow from 2 to 3 metres tall so it is advisable to stake or provide support to 1.5 metres tall.

Staggered sowing from September through to February will give continuous flowering right through summer and autumn.

PLEASE NOTE: All imported Sunflower seed must be TREATED in order to meet MPI import regulations.
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