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Rain, rain and more rain!

Written by Gerard Martin on December 20th, 2010.      0 comments


Well after a week of rain, there are jobs in my garden that were sadly in need of urgent attention!  Today, I have managed to sneak away from the office to give some TLC to all sorts of rain-weary plants.  I have harvested Aquilegia seed heads which will eventually add variety to our Shady Garden Scatter mix.  Our beds of Lily Regale and the assorted varieties for Pandora's Box need pollinating every day at present so that task was very much overdue.  Our grape vine is behaving like a triffid as are the tomatoes so it's been trimming back and tying up for the both of them.  The poor Swan Plants are heavy beneath all that rain and have now been tied up to save them from sweeping the ground of our potager garden.  We have had a wonderful display of our new California Poppy Jelly Beans this spring but the time has come to remove these from their bed to make room for some other flowering treasures. Rockmelons have been trained in the right direction and the peppers now have their first flower buds.  The bounty from our raspberry canes and strawberry plants has been prolific - we have feasted well on both.  The rain has not been kind though - we've now picked all the fruit - swollen or not, we'll find some use for these wonderful berries.  We've just extended our garden with another bed or two but the planting of these may take a back seat until after we've enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break with family and friends!  Happy Gardening!