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The Blog So Far - two years on ....

The Kings Seeds blog has officially been active for well over two years now - our first post went out in December 2010.
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We are slipping in an extra blog post this week, to give you an update on all things blog-related here at Kings Seeds.  How to subscribe, how to find past blog entries, and how to add your own comments. 

The Story So Far

The Kings Seeds blog has officially been active for well over two years now - our first post went out in December 2010.  Our intent in starting the Kings Seeds Blog was to make use of the opportunity to give a bit more to our customers - we have enjoyed having a way to share growing tips and advice, recipes, our own personal gardening adventures and a few glimpses "behind the scenes" at Kings Seeds.  

The blog writing team was initially just me, Carolyn (that's me on the left), with support from all the Kings Seeds staff, who supplied both info and ideas.  The writing team now also includes Karen (on the right), so you will see blog entries from both of us, again with support from the rest of the team.
Carolyn    Karen

This year we plan to post-entries fortnightly.  Our cunning plan to do weekly blog posts proved too taxing during the busy season, when we have very full days.  We are hoping to continue to use our blog posts to give you sneak previews of new products, growing info for particular varieties, ideas for seasonal sowing, recipe ideas for your garden produce, and we will keep sharing our own gardening experiences with you (after all, you might get to learn from our successes and mistakes!). 

With nearly 1000 people subscribed to receive our blog posts by email, we were dismayed to find that towards the end of 2012 our feed had stopped working.  This meant that those of you who had signed up to receive our blog posts via email weren't getting them delivered to you at home, although the posts were still showing live on our website.  This problem caused me a great deal of headaches and pulling-out-of-hair.  What followed was a very steep learning curve to do with programming code, feed size, pinging and feed validity.  If you don't know what these words mean, then all I can say is that you should just thank your lucky stars!  Anyway, we think we have finally ironed out the problem. 


Receiving the Kings Seeds Blog via email

We now have a new feed set up for our blog, and have signed all our subscribers back up.  If you have received an email saying that you need to click to activate your subscription, then go ahead and activate and you'll be back to receiving our blog posts via email.  If you deleted that email because you thought it was spam, you can still subscribe by going to our blog page and clicking on "Subscribe to our blog via email" and following the instructions. 
Blog page - subscribe

Looking Back at Previous Blog Posts

If you are trying to find info you read in a past blog post, you can find a list of all previous posts by clicking on "Blog Index" at the top of the blog page.  We try to put make the blog titles match the content so you can easily find the entries you want to re-read. 

Having Your Say - How to add your own comments

We really like to hear your ideas and would like to encourage you to add comments to our blog posts if you have something to ask/say/add.  If you don't know how to do this, here is what to do to add a comment: 
On the blog page on our website, click on the place under the blog post title, where it says how many comments have been posted.  This will take you to the bottom of the blog post and you then click on "Share your comments" and type them in.  They will be posted to our website after moderation. 

Your Ideas

Since we have blogged about blogging this week, now may be a good time to ask for your ideas.  If there is anything that you have particularly enjoyed or if there is anything you would like us to cover in our blog, please let us know.  We would like the Kings Seeds blog to be interesting and helpful to our readers/customers.  

So now is your chance to give us some feedback on what you have enjoyed hearing about, and anything you would like to read about in the Kings Seeds blog in the future.... 

Now we will just keep our fingers crossed that our new feed works beautifully and our email subscribers receive this post....

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RF says ...
thanks so much for all of your efforts, Carolyn and Karen, as well as your team. I really like receiving your blog.

Oh dear!

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