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Photo Competition 2013

We received some amazing photos this year - thanks so much to everyone who took the trouble to send us their photographs.
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Congratulations to the Winner and to the Finalists in this year's Photo Competition! 

We received some amazing photos this year - thanks so much to everyone who took the trouble to send us their photographs - we won't show them all in this blog post, but you can have a look at all the photographs in the Gallery section of our website.  You will also see customer photos in the new Kings Seeds catalogue, which was posted out this week!


Sunlight through the beet leaves


CONGRATULATIONS TO SUE BONIFACE for her fantastic image of sunlight through the beet leaves. We’ll be sending a $100 voucher to you shortly, Sue, for your WINNING COVER IMAGE!

Copy of KS COVER 2013(copy)

photographed by Dmitry Solokov and Terry Connolly(copy)

We would also like to congratulate and thank the photographers who supplied the four photographs which grace the back cover of this year's Kings Seeds Catalogue.  We love the colours in Dmitry Solokov's photo of a very cute radish gatherer, and Terry Connolly's emerging poppy photo is stunning.

photographed by Nigel Bruce and Vicky Bradshaw

We loved Nigel Bruce's photo of some very twisty gourds, which along with Vicky Bradshaw's wonderful photo of a bee on an artichoke flower, is also on the back cover of this year's catalogue.  What great photographs!  These four photogrpahers receive a Highly Commended award and a $50 voucher.  

You can find all of our Finalists photographs on pages 39 and 77 of this year's catalogue.   There are some great photographs - we thought you would enjoy checking them out.... a $20 gift voucher goes out to all of our finalists.
finalists 1(copy)
 We love the great people-photos sent in by Craig Passuello, Melva Ward and Melissa (& Theo) Spargo.
proud of their produce


You can't beat a photo of someone who is proud of what they have grown - these photos sent in by Ian Cattley, Sheree Wagener (& India), and Gordon Callaghan are a great example of photos of proud gardeners!

flower photographs 1

We had the most beautiful photographs of flowers sent in this year....these photos from Bernadette Winter, Carol Stewart and Deirdre McCoskrie are just stunning!  Poppies and Cornflower, White Alyssum and Iceland Poppies - just beautiful!



Laurie Silver sent us a fantastic photo of his garden in the snow!  Bernadette Winter sent us a photo of her lovely kitchen garden (some of the staff are envious!), and we also enjoyed seeing Doug Mukupe's wonderfully staked and cared for garden!

pumpkins and produce

Roland Mulvay sent us a photograph of his beautifully displayed pumpkins (and his beautiful cat!), Suzy Kiely showed us a wonderful arrangement of garden produce and Bill Harding's photo is of a most peculiar pumpkin - we now have the actual pumpkin here at Kings Seeds, where it is proving a great curiosity to visitors!   

flower photogrpahs 2

The Soeters Clan and Lisa Blamires both sent fantastic photographs of bees on flowers, and Kathleen Lennie's shot of morning glory flowers captured the beautiful blue colour so well!

final photographs

The final two photographs from our finalists are the two lovely photos shown above.  Mira Sarajarvi got an absolutely stunning angle for this photograph of a bee against a blue sky, and Svetlana Orinko's photograph of microgreens and wheatgrass is lovely.

Thank you for all your wonderful entries.  You can see more of the entries for this year's photograph competition in the BRAG GALLERY on the inside back cover of this year's catalogue.

These photos are just a small selection of the amazing photographs we received - we'd love to be able to show them all to you, so please don't forget to check out the GALLERY on the website - all the images that were submitted will be displayed there within the next week - just click on each category under the Brag Gallery heading to see a slideshow of the photographs entered for 2013. 

We hope you feel inspired to get out the camera as well as the gardening gloves during this year's growing season....we love to see the results of all your efforts!


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