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Top Heirloom Varieties (we know what you like!)

We know what you like!  Would you like to know too?
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We know what you like!  Would you like to know too?

We have had a look at which heirloom seed varieties have been our top sellers over the last three years and so this blog post will be a bit of a countdown through our top ten. After all, the typical-New-Zealand-gardener can't be wrong. Try some of these consistently top-selling varieties for a tried-and-true harvest!


Of the more than one thousand varieties of seed in our catalogue, our tenth most popular is:


Carrot Scarlet Nantes

Carrot Scarlet Nantes is in our Organics range, and is, as the name suggests, a Nantes type carrot. (Pronounce this “nonce” to maintain gardening credibility!)

This carrot is dependable, and has a crisp, sweet flavour. You can harvest these carrots early or let them grow to 25cm long. They are a wonderful bright orange colour.

This is one of two carrot varieties that have made our top ten. Read on to find out which other carrot is on this list. If you want to look back at our previous blog-post on carrots, please click here for some sowing and growing advice.



Number nine on our list is:


Zucchini Black Beauty


Another organic variety, Zucchini Black Beauty is our most popular, and is well-named, with its dark green, straight, smooth fruit. The plants are open in form, which allows you to see (and harvest) your zucchini easily, and reduces the chance of them suddenly growing to massive size almost overnight without you spotting them. You could check out this blog post for a bit of sowing and growing advice on zucchini.


At the number eight position we have:




This may be the most deserving plant in our top-sellers list. Borage is one of our most bee-friendly plants, and is so pretty, with its little blue star-shaped flowers. With its edible flowers, borage is almost a must-have! It's as pretty in the kitchen as it is in the garden.


Number 7 on the list is:


Kale Cavolo Nero


Like Borage, Kale Cavolo Nero is one of my own personal favourite, and New Zealand gardeners obviously feel the same. This fantastic Italian heirloom kale variety produces wonderful dark green savoyed leaves and looks fantastic in the garden, as well as being a wonderful variety to use in the kitchen. It retains its crispness even when cooked and provides a harvest over long periods and throughout the cold seasons. You can read more about kale in by clicking through to this blog post.


At Number 6, is:




This quick-maturing, piquant salad green maintains its position solidly in the top ten (sixth out of more than 1000 varieties!). It is quick-growing and adds a peppery taste to salads, sandwiches, pizzas – the list goes on! Rocket likes cooler growing conditions. You can click through to our blog post on Mediterranean Cuisine if you would like to read a little more about rocket, including the other varieties of rocket we stock at Kings Seeds.



So now we get to the top five.... at number five is:


Basil Genovese Giant

Basil Genovese Giant, a large-leafed variety of Basil, is number five on the list. A lot of New Zealand gardeners like the large leaves and therefore large harvest provided by this genovese basil variety.

But wait.... there is more basil to come – two varieties of basil are in our top five! Which is our other popular basil? We New Zealanders love our basil, and what's not to love?! You can read a more detailed post on Basil by clicking here.


Number four is another carrot....


Carrot Touchon

Like Scarlet Nantes, Carrot Touchon  is another French Nantes carrot. This is our most popular carrot, although we think Carrot Berlicum could well have made this list if we had been able to get sufficient seed this season to keep it in stock. (Maybe next year, Berlicum xx).

Carrot Touchon definitely deserves its position in the top ten. It is a good keeper, especially for sweetness, and of course everyone loves a sweet-tasting, juicy carrot!


Our third most popular variety is:


Basil Sweet Genovese


Everyone's favourite basil, this organic basil variety, Basil Sweet Genovese, is well-loved. Sweet, tender shiny green leaves, delicate but distinctive flavour, this basil can also be grown as a microgreen! Delicious!


And the runner up is...


Beetroot Detroit Dark Red

We surely couldn't have a top ten without beetroot! This is another organic variety.

Beetroot Detroit Dark Red produces wonderful round globes of delicious, earthy beetroot or you can grow it as a microgreen and harvest it as a delicious, colourful leaf crop.



So …. (drum roll please) … our Number One, top-selling variety is:


Coriander Slowbolt


Coriander Slowbolt, with its pungent, citrus flavour, has come out at the top of our list. This slowbolt variety is a special selection chosen, as the name suggests, for its ability to withstand bolting to seed in hot weather. Coriander can be one of those love-it-or-hate-it flavours. We Kiwis obviously love it. Congratulations to Coriander Slowbolt, top-selling Kings Seeds variety!

coriander slow-18


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Anita Kundu says ...
Very interesting. While I personally love coriander I know many NZers who hate it! So it is very surprising to me that it topped the list!
Meels says ...
I'm surprised there's not many salad ingredients in the list: lettuce cucumber and tomato, which all taste far superior straight out of the garden. I'm looking forward to harvesting mine!

Oh dear!

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