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Gift Voucher $20.00

NZ $20.00


Vouchers must be presented to be redeemed and can only be redeemed through Kings Seeds.

The purchase of a Gift Voucher does not qualify for our bonus offer or discount and we reserve the right to remove bonus packets or discount from any order where these have been ordered in error.
The bonus offer will be applied when the voucher is redeemed.

Special Note:
Vouchers may not be redeemed through any other garden centre or retail outlet. Please do not confuse Kings Seeds with stockists of our seeds in particular Kings Plant Barns.

WOW! You've been busy and now we need to catch up!

We are taking a temporary break to dispatch all orders placed to midnight Friday 3 April.



  1 Early Spring 2 Late Spring &
Early Summer
3 Late Summer &
Early Autumn

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