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Grow Nutritious Microgreens

Grow Nutritious Microgreens

Take a shallow seed tray or any shallow container with drainage holes.
Fill to just below the rim with seed mix. Sawdust or Pumice can be used for germinating larger seeds eg. Peas. These images display Pea Fiji Feathers.
Smooth the surface and make it even. Press the mix down gently.
      Microgreens DAY ONE

Sprinkle the seed evenly and generously onto the surface of the mix. 
Sift soil lightly to just cover the seed and press down gently.
Water the seed tray either by soaking it in a shallow tray of water or gently watering overhead.
Cover for the first 24 hours with a sheet of newspaper or shade cloth and keep the tray out of full sun to prevent the mix from drying out.
Microgreens DAY THREE

When the seeds have germinated, remove the newspaper and place in bright but indirect light.
Seed trays need to be well-drained for optimum growth and to avoid diseases.
Protect from heavy rain, birds, slugs etc by placing a piece of clear plastic loosely over the top. 
Microgreens DAY FIVE

Make sure that moisture is not collecting under the plastic and maintain good ventilation.
Don’t allow seed to dry out at all but don’t overwater. Avoid watering in the heat of the day.
Microgreen seed can also be sown directly into the garden.
Microgreens DAY SEVEN

Cut with scissors or pick microgreens when their first true leaves appear, between 7-21 days, or when they are between 2-5cm high.
Stagger your growing times so there is always something coming on.
Microgreens DAY NINE

Microgreens can be grown year round.  Exceptions to this are Amaranth and Basil which are better suited to summer growing.
Most microgreen can be harvested once only, except Wheatgrass which can be cut when it is 150mm high and then again 2 weeks later.
Pea should be soaked overnight to speed up germination. Sow densely in the seed tray.
Pea Fiji Feathers can be harvested at either 75mm high or alternatively grow on to 150mm - cut only the tips and you’ll be able to do this several times.
Microgreens DAY ELEVEN

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