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Corn Glass Gem

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Amazing rainbow coloured flintcorn with a multitude of uses. It's not sweet but can be ground for flour, popped for popcorn or hung up to dry with its husks pulled back for a beautiful dried ornamental. Each plant produces a slightly different cob to the next with no two exactly the same. Tall growing plants with multi tillers from the base so allow a good 60-90cm between plants. Expect 3-5 cobs per plant. 

Matures 90 days from direct sowing.
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Zea mays


20-25 10-14 60-90cm-icon 60-90cm Warmer temps 2.3 70 Direct sow-icon Direct sow Gourmet-icon Gourmet


  1 Early Spring 2 Late Spring &
Early Summer
3 Late Summer &
Early Autumn

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