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Viola Heartsease Miss Helen Mount

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Old English favourite that must be one of the most charming wild flowers. Flowering from spring into autumn this delightful cheeky-faced miniature Pansy with 3 colour markings of Blue, Purple and Yellow makes the beauty of this originally wild flower an excellent, colourful rock or herb garden ground cover . . . 'and there is Pansies that's for thoughts' said Ophelia to Laertes. Pansy is the English corruption of the French word 'pensee' meaning thought. The thought that this flower held for young lovers through the centuries is reflected in its early names  Johnny-Jump-Up-and-Kiss-Me, Kiss-Me-Behind-the-Garden-Gate, and Cuddle-Me-To-You, etc.The generally used name Heartsease is probably derived from its medicinal use, as according to Gerard, it was recommended to dissolve inflammation of the breast, lungs, and 'rough arterie'.

Maturity 75 days from transplant.
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Viola tricolor


15-20 5-12 15cm-icon 15cm 15-20cm-icon 15-20cm Full Sun-icon Full Sun 1.2.3 200 Bedding Flower-icon Bedding Flower


  1 Early Spring 2 Late Spring &
Early Summer
3 Late Summer &
Early Autumn

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