Chicory Witloof

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Belgium Endive/Brussels Witloof (Flemish for 'white leaf'). This form of Chicory is grown for its mild tasting blanched heads called chichons which are enjoyed by gourmets either cooked or raw in salads. Seedlings do not transplant well. By autumn when the roots should have grown to the size of a Parsnip, they should be lifted from the ground and the leaves cut to within 3-5cm from the top of the root. Dig a trench 15cm deep in the garden and replant the roots upright side by side and re-cover with either soil, sand or sawdust. A drum or box can be used for this operation, rather than planting back into the garden. After a few weeks, add another 15-20cm of soil or covering over the roots, excluding all light. The chichons will be ready to use in approximately 9-12 weeks.

Matures 75 days from transplant.

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Cichorium intybus


10-25 10-12 20cm-icon 20cm Cooler Temps 2.3 1000 Transplant-icon Transplant Gourmet Vegetable-icon Gourmet Vegetable


  1 Early Spring 2 Late Spring &
Early Summer
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Early Autumn

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