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Cucumber Spacemaster

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Compact bushy Cucumber vine that can be grown in containers, tubs or pots. Great for smaller gardens with abundant yields but only requiring one third of the space of standard cucumbers. Produces uniform 20cm fruits that are thin skinned. Pick regularly for continued yield. Adaptable to a wide range of climates. Prefers evenly moist fertile soil.

Matures 65 days from transplant.

Read our BLOG on Cucumbers for more information

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Cucumis sativus


18-25 6-10 60cm-icon 60cm Tender 1.2.3 50 Transplant-icon Transplant Gourmet Vegetable-icon Gourmet Vegetable


  1 Early Spring 2 Late Spring &
Early Summer
3 Late Summer &
Early Autumn

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