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Mustard Cress Combo

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A combination of White Mustard and Garden Cress. Very popular English salad combo traditionally grown in saucers on windowsills, both having a refreshing peppery taste and crunchy texture. Used in sandwiches or added to soups and stews. Sow in 2 stages - the Cress first and sparsely sown, followed by over-sowing with the Mustard 4 days later to mature at the same time.
Harvest at the first true leaf stage (only 5 cm high) after 8-10 days. Sow rate for standard size seed tray 3g Cress, 6g Mustard supplied in separate packets.

100g (50g pack each)       $9.00
200g (100g pack each)   $14.00 

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Sinapis alba; Lepidium sativum


  1 Early Spring 2 Late Spring &
Early Summer
3 Late Summer &
Early Autumn

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