GM Seed

Our Policy on Genetic Modification of Seed

Concern regarding GE status is voiced by many of our customers and it would be very easy to say that we can guarantee our seeds are GE free. However, this is simply not possible. To offer a 100% guarantee that any seed has not been genetically modified would mean the independent testing of each and every seed. This would, in turn, mean the destruction of that very same seed. This is, of course, a precarious position to be in.

All we can do is reassure you that, to the very best of our knowledge, we do not nor do we ever intend to stock GE seed.

Kings Seeds has a unique market position with the seeds that we offer. From the very beginnings of this company in 1978, the policy has been to import an interesting range of heirloom and unusual varieties of herb, flower and vegetable seed. We pride ourselves in offering a diversity of species imported from approximately 15 seed companies from around the world with many unavailable through any other source in the country. Our selection of organically certified seed has proved very popular with both our home gardeners and commercial growers. We consider it very important to maintain this diversity for our strong home gardener base.

Kings Seeds has been importing seed for over 30 years and in that time has developed sound relationships with a number of European, American and Japanese seed companies. As always, we rely on the integrity of the companies that we have dealt with in the past and have never hesitated to cease dealing with a company that did not meet our expectations. We are comfortable that the integrity of these companies is maintained never more so than now with the GE issue.

We deal with MAF Quarantine, AsureQuality and ERMA officials here in New Zealand on a regular basis who monitor all seed that we import and export. They are comfortable with the companies that we deal with and ensure that the quality of our imported seed stock is maintained.

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