Using the Digital Catalogue

Using The Digital Catalogue Makes Shopping With Kings Faster! ...And Here’s How You Do It:
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The usual way for the usual reasons – shopping cart saved, assistance with any problems you’re having – ultimately saving a lot of frustration.
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Start Browsing the Digital Catalogue tab and find the seed you want. Use the Contents page to move quickly from one section of the catalogue to another.
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Make a note of the seed you would like to order.  You can do this by moving from the Digital Catalogue on one tab to the website Quick Order Function on another. Or just make a physical list and add the items in one go on the website tab when you have finished browsing.
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When on the website tab, check the quantity to suit and click add to cart (submit). You will then be redirected to the shopping cart page via the pop out shopping cart.
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If adding one item at a time on the website tab, click back to the Digital Catalogue tab and repeat this process.
And that’s all there is to it!
Digital Catalogue Cover
Start browsing below. Then use the symbols that appear at the top right of the document, and you’ll be able to select whichever section of the catalogue you'd like to browse.
Please remember that the Digital Catalogue is what it is.
It does have limitations which can’t be changed but it is a great tool all the same, adding yet another way to complete your shopping with Kings Seeds.

If its not your cup of tea, you can always browse using the categories on the Home Page or use the Quick Order Function if you already have a hard copy catalogue.

Click here to find out more about this.

Our promise to you! Our print catalogue will never be discontinued or completely replaced by the new digital version.

And our process will always be the same. When you make an order on the website, we will automatically add you to the ‘Print Catalogue List’. So as long as you want a print catalogue, and you place an order each year, this will be sent to you automatically each July. 

Oh dear!

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