Treated Seed Varieties


We have chosen to follow the Voluntary Guidelines of the NZ Grain and Seed Association.

As a result, you may have noticed the bright orange stickers appearing on some of our retail packets.  This includes all Sunflower and Lavender varieties, most Corn varieties and isolated other items – for example, Cumin.  There are very few others but we won’t list them all as they can change from time to time.  From now on though, any treated seed will be labelled with the orange treatment sticker.

It is important to realize that these seed varieties have ALWAYS BEEN TREATED in order to meet MPI Import Regulations.  This process occurs before we take delivery of the seed.  MPI will not release the seed to us until this treatment process has been completed.

The information displayed is to advise that the seed within that packet is treated with Thiram/Metalaxyl fungicide. These seeds must not be eaten or fed to animals. Please ensure that hands are washed after handling.

To ensure that no treated seed is ever supplied to you, you must indicate this on your order forms.  We will then leave those items out.  If you have any questions regarding this, please Contact Us.


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