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What the Kings Seeds team did on their holidays

Here we are, back again. We all had a good holiday so, the picture was the inspiration for this blog and we thought we would share some of our adventures and moments.
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Here we are, back again..............and on-track for a great year.  Have you seen the lovely beach photo posted on our home page?  We all had a good holiday so, the picture was the inspiration for this blog and we thought we would share some of our adventures and moments.

JUDE lives on a lifestyle block, so after spending xmas with her family, she made the most of every ray of sunshine and did lots of pottering about (she calls it work!!!).  Her big vege gardens require lots of attention and she had plenty of other outside jobs she was able to cross off her list.

Her favourite moment:-   Buying some stunning outside furniture for her new deck.

wedding flowers

CAMILLA had family to stay from Sweden over the festive season so she spent a lot of her time speaking Swedish and being "tour guide extraordinaire", showing them the sights around the Bay of Plenty region.

Her favourite moment:-   Visiting Hobbiton in Matamata as it was a place she had been wanting to visit for quite some time.
(PS. If you have been to Hobbiton you will be aware of their great gardens.  We have been able to supply them with the seed).

Hobbiton gardens

BARB & GERARD were very busy with guests, flowers and their daughters wedding.  Much of their time was spent entertaining, lying on the beach thinking about the wedding plans, spending time in the garden tending the flowers to be used for the wedding, and growing small pots for wedding favours.  Check out our January newsletter.  If you don't get the newsletter, sign up for it on our website at the bottom left-hand corner of the homepage.

Their favourite moment:-   A simple meal of fish'n'chips and a movie in a quiet house, after days of wedding stuff and the guests had all departed.

BJ had a very family orientated Christmas, spending lots of time with family & scoffing all that yummy festive food.  They also managed a bit of golf to walk off the yummy food.

Her favourite moment:-   Watching her boys opening all the presents on Christmas day and the breath-taking excitement that creates in their wee world.
pres for the boys-305-143-878

CARMEN also had a family Christmas, camping up at a family spot called Whale Bay in the far north.  She couldn't have asked for better weather, so spent lots of time swimming, fishing and eating outdoors.

Her favourite moment:-   Just being away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of everyday life.

carmen at whale bay


LIZ had time with all her family too and pottering around home spending time in her beautiful garden.

Her favourite moment:-   getting a card from secret santa that instructed her to walk out into the garden, where she found some lovely ceramic mushrooms covered in tinsel.

Lastly, myself (KAREN).  I had a very sociable holiday spending time with family up north, then having lots of friends to visit, basing ourselves at Waihi Beach.  Some from the south, some from Wellington and even a few from the UK.  It was fantastic having lots of laughs while catching up on everyone's stories, cranking up the bbq and sampling NZ wines each day.

My favourite moment:-   Xmas day picnic on the beach at Whangaumu Bay up by Tutukaka.  What a stunning place!

Whangaumu Bay2

So what was your favourite holiday moment?

summer quandary
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Bill Bennett says ...
Spending a few days at Kaka Point sea side town with my 8 y.o Grandson and my 13 y.o. Granddaughter. Lots of laughs and lots of interesting conversations. This is a yearly holiday for us all and we always look forward to it knowing that in a few years it will be a non event.


Oh dear!

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