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We are going on holiday....back soon!!

Written by Karen on December 19th, 2014.      0 comments


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We'll all be working on spending time with family and friends, over-indulging, pottering in our gardens and catching up on naps.  What will you be doing?


Talking gardens, is yours prepared for summer?  We had an open day recently and Gerard gave some advice about keeping your gardens flourishing during the hot summer days.  His main points were:
  • Water seedlings in their trays in the morning so they are dry by the evening helping to avoid moulding
  • Water established plants in your garden at night so as to avoid evaporation
  • Water under the plants to avoid water sitting on leaves and creating moulds
  • Water deeply every second day rather than briefly every day, to encourage healthy root systems
  • Dead head your spring flowers to encourage new growth and healthy plants
  • Carry on with your consecutive planting to extend your harvest
  • Plant up some microgreens to take away with you for those instant salads.

We also did a blog on water systems you can refer to.


biogro logoThe end of the year is always a great time to reflect on the achievements for the year.  Our biggest has to be gaining Organic status.  With all the hard work and time that goes into this process, we were able to breathe a big sigh back in March when we became certified.  Check out the blog.

We have also put much time into implementing the KanBan system which helps us manage the filling of packets ensuring stock on the shelves as we need it.  With 1000 varieties plus the bulk packaged seed, this involves many cards being sent through to Production indicating when different varieties need to be filled.  We are well underway with this process and its a great system.

The other achievement this year has been the improvement of your online shopping experience.  We have a lovely new look to our website and encourage your feedback, implementing your suggestions wherever possible.  After all, you're the ones using it!  We are currently updating the information bar to be more user-friendly.  Keep an eye out for this development when you next browse online - you will more easily be able to view seed counts, plant spacing, germination days etc.

Finally, the Team at Kings Seeds wish you all a very Merry Christmas and relaxing holiday with your friends and family.  We look forward to being in contact with you all in the New Year.
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