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This week in my garden

I thought I would let you know what has been happening this week in my garden....
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I thought I would let you know what has been happening this week in my garden.  There are some keen gardeners on the staff at Kings Seeds, and we are hoping to be able to keep you up to date with what is being sown, grown and harvested in our own gardens as this blog progresses.  This week it is my turn. 

red onions 2

Yesterday we pulled up all the red onions and have put them outside to dry off.  We harvested all the white onions and shallots a couple of weeks ago - they have been drying on the front porch since then, and last weekend we spent a couple of hours plaiting them into strings, which are now hanging up near the front door.  If we want an onion, we just have to pop outside and pull one off the string. 

onion plaits 2

I am a huge fan of shallots - last year we grew them from bulbs, but this year we grew them from seed. 

We have also managed to break our losing streak with carrots.  Until this week, we haven't managed to grow carrots successfully and have put up with small, twisted, bumpy ones from the garden.  Yesterday we pulled up some of the biggest, straightest carrots we have ever grown, so that was exciting.  It is good working alongside Gerard because I can listen in to the advice he gives customers on the telephone:  "don't sow carrots into soil too rich in compost".  That advice we prepared the soil a bit more carefully so the carrots had more chance of growing straight.  We sowed the carrot seed with radish seed - it seems to help deter the birds from pulling all the tiny carrot seedlings up as they did on a previous attempt (one day they were there, next day they were gone!).  Once the carrot seedlings were a good size, we pulled out the radishes and placed netting over the row.  You can see we were determined to get carrots this time.  Now our freezer is totally full of carrot.  Just have to get the kids to eat them now.

 shigiku purslane

I also have a salad garden so spent about five minutes yesterday sowing some more mesclun....I like that job because it takes just a few minutes to scatter the seed around.  My new favourite salad green this year is has a very pretty leaf and a lovely flavour - you can see it here in my salad garden with a little purslane as well (and some weeds). 

Otherwise, in my garden, I can see the tomatoes are coming to the end....we've enjoyed having lots of those this year. 

I can't tell you what is presently in my herb garden because I don't know.  I haven't had time to tidy it up and the whole garden seems to be buried under a giant pumpkin plant that came from nowhere.  I should probably spend some time having a look to see whether there are also any triffids in there!

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Terri says ...
You reminded me that I planted red onions quite a while ago, I must look today and see what became of them!
My basil, the genavese and the red one have done very well this year, I will take photos and send.
Thanks for reminding me also of the seeds I should be planting now to ensure a good garden for winter :)
Loved the newsletter, I've already named the tomato!
Lynda H says ...
You've reminded me that I also planted shallots... but I haven't seen them again since. Must investigate :)

Oh dear!

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