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Thinking about the chooks!

When I think of chickens....I think of fresh free range eggs scrambled to perfection on toast with a small sprig of parsley (from the garden of course), maybe a nice piece of bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes for brunch at home...
Barbara & Gerard
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What are Chicken Greens

Let’s hear it for the hens!


When I think of chickens....

I think of fresh free range eggs scrambled to perfection on toast with a small sprig of parsley (from the garden of course), maybe a nice piece of bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes for brunch at home on a wintry Sunday morning.  Looks like that's what's in store for us this weekend so I'm sure going to get what I wish for!


Funnily enough when others think of chickens…

They’re thinking more about the chicken than the egg!   I have to admit that Gerard was rather inspired when he added Chicken Greens to our range last year.  Who would have thought that we would see it rocket to our Top Ten?  It seems that there are more fowl-lovers, no offence intended, out there than I realized.  My mother-in-law, Margaret, loved her chooks.  Once she had confined their range to the exterior of her kitchen garden and forgiven them all prior transgressions, she enjoyed many hours of mutual adoration with her “girls”.  They all had names, of course, and our children could still name them - Henrietta, Harriet and about six others!


You don’t need a quarter acre to keep them ….

Hens just quietly cluck and peck the ground and nobody even knows they’re there.  They eat flies and other insects for you, keeping to a minimum the annoying flying things in your garden.  They also eat your vegetable scraps, lowering your volume of rubbish.  And, eventually, they give you eggs.  Lots of them with any luck!


So back to those Chicken Greens …

If you want to give your hens a treat, and the roosters too if they are behaving themselves, try our blend.  It contains Plantain, Minutina, Parsley, Cocksfoot, Dandelion, Subterranean Clover and Chicory.  Most have tap roots or vigorous roots that will quickly regrow leaves that are eaten.  You have the choice of either sowing it in trays which you can place in your chook pen and then remove or sowing it in a small area which can be grazed but then allowed to recover. Great for the health of your hens and so you know where some of your food (at least your eggs) comes from. 

Give it a try it and see if you can help Chicken Greens knock our Number One off its perch!
Barbara & Gerard
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Kings Seeds says ...
We have had a query on Facebook about whether it is ok for chickens to eat Parsley. We thought it might be useful to include our answer to this question here too:

Parsley is ok for chickens in small quantities - it's the issue of moderation .... it probably wouldn't be good for us eating 2kg of parsley either. We have included parsley in our mix because it is high in iron and because it... attracts slugs and small flying insects that then provide extra nutrition for the lucky chickens who eat them. Parsley has a long taproot and can also bring nutrients up from deep in the soil . The parsley we have chosen for this mix is a very mild parsley with low concentrations of essential oils - compared with other types of parsley which are highly flavoured for culinary use, and this makes it more palatable for the chickens too.
viv davy says ...
do you have a tray design that you have found is optimal for this mix if many of the plants have tap roots. many thanks
Maureen Newport says ...
My two chickens love the chicken greens, I grew them in trays, thinking I would re-grow them but they ate the whole plant then scratch up the dirt. Would like to grow them again but cannot keep buying seeds, any ideas in what to do? Thankyou

Kings Seeds says.......depending on how many you have (chooks per tray) place the trays out for the chooks for just 1/2 hour so they don't get time to decimate the lot.
Anne says ...
Would chicken greens be suitable for aviary birds too?
KINGS SEEDS says; not sure. You may have to talk with someone who knows more about different birds and whether the varieties in this mix is suitable.
Denise says ...
My plan is to put the trays outside the chook pen So they can only peck at them through the mesh. Hopefully won’t be quite as harsh on the plants.
PRG says ...
Im planting an orchard and plan to free range chickens in the orchard. Would the chicken mix make a suitable ground cover in the orchard?
KINGS SEEDS says: We suggest controlled grazing by your chickens so that regrowth is possible therefor this may not work for your senario. You could always try an experimental patch.
Lyn says ...
I saw a wonderful design where they built a large wooden bed and ran a cover of sturdy plastic mesh across the top so that the chooks can eat the shoots but they can't dig out the roots. I am going to give that a try!

Oh dear!

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