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The Kings Seeds people - our secret loves!

Well, we thought that this week should be the week to let you in on some of our most intimate secrets!  We have nine staff members at Kings Seeds and this week I asked everyone to answer the following question...
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Well, we thought that this week should be the week to let you in on some of our most intimate secrets!  We have nine staff members at Kings Seeds and this week I asked everyone to answer the following question:

"What plant do you either grow every year, get excited about or would hate to do without...."



Of course there were the usual silly answers (Jude says that the plants she grows every year are.....weeds!).   Camilla in particular had a great silly answer!  Her first response was that the plants she would hate to do without are cacao, grapevines and coffee trees.  She doesn't want to grow them herself but does enjoy the end results - chocolate, wine and coffee!

But here are the REAL answers.....what plants get our hearts racing??


Gerard likes the Aquilegia that flower in his garden in late Spring.  They are very forgiving and have a wonderful selection of colours.  Aquilegias are an excellent cottage garden plant that also look really interesting as a cut flower.
For Barb, who says she is not the planter of gardens in the family, but more of the weeder of gardens, her favourite plant is the Mina Lobata which grows by the door of the Kings Seeds shed at our previous location at Hot Springs Road.  It has only been sown once, and every year it self-sows, rain hail or snow, and gives the most beautiful display.  It flowers and flowers and always looks wonderful.  
mina lobata hot springs road small
This plant even starred on the front cover of the 2005 edition of the Kings Seeds catalogue!
Liz loves Zinnia Profusion Orange.   It gives heaps and heaps of flowers over a really long period of time, and always looks so warm and happy. 

Jude loves growing cucumbers, because they are so easy to grow, come in so many different varieties and give an abundance of fruit.  Her family, friends and neighbours love them and they are great for pickling or eating fresh - Jude loves them with cumin!

Camilla chose Dill as her favourite plant, along with tomatoes and parsley.  Camilla is from Sweden, and used a lot of dill when she lived there. 

Actually, the Swedish use dill so much that they even have a Dill Stamp!  And where would gravlax, also popular in Sweden, be without dill??  Camilla finds it harder to grow in NZ because it is so much warmer here.

Karen grows beans and basil every year in her garden.  Her whole family (including the dog!) love standing in the garden, eating beans straight from the vine.  And Karen considers basil the most divine treat - the smell and flavour is wonderful in just about everything. 

Deb's favourite is Cosmos Unique Mix.  She says that it never fails, and she loves its fancy-free look.

Jen's favourite plant (and one she is particular keen on right now as it comes into season) is the Feijoa.    She likes them because they taste absolutely divine, they grow really easily with no attention whatsoever, producing masses of fruit and because as well as being delicious they have the added feature of being rich in vitamin C.  Also, she likes them because they are a multi-purpose plant, providing not only fruit but also shelter and privacy.... Jen says they are a source of joy and pleasure!

And finally, Carolyn's love affair every year is with tomatoes.  The weirder, the better.  She gets ridiculously excited every year about her potential crop of tomatoes.  Black ones, knobbly ones, striped ones, cherry tomatoes.   The favourite so far is definitely Brandywine Pink....fantastic every year so far and definitely booked in to appear in next year's garden too!

So now you know our deepest, darkest garden secrets.  What plant can't you do without???
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Michele says ...
For a veg that offers sheer ease, simplicity, beauty and generosity I would choose Yellow Zucchini. And for fruit with flavour, colour and joy and usefulness I couldn't go past Raspberries.
Jackie says ...
I'd have to say Sweet Peas Spencers Sensation are the easiest (once above ground without being plucked out by the birds in the initial stage) and most attractive thing in our garden all summer. We grow them on a frame directly opposite the back door so that whenever we open it, there they are in all their brilliance.

Oh dear!

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