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Teasers from the new catalogue

We've been very busy around here, with lots of effort going into getting the new season's catalogue finalised, seed packed and website updated
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We are past the shortest day............... I look forward to walking the dog in the light again soon...............and as the day length gets longer, it signals the time for catalogue printing.

We've been very busy around here, with lots of effort going into getting the new season's catalogue finalised, seed packed and website updated, ready to enthuse and encourage you all for the coming spring.
dahlia sunny regae

Gerard finished making his decisions some time ago about what needed to come out of the catalogue and what new varieties to add.  His passion for this task is infectious and we all really like the updates and training on the new varieties.

Barbara has worked with great focus, getting the catalogue proofed for sign off and dispatch to the printers.


Glenn has studiously updated and prepared the pre-print draft of the catalogue.

We've all pitched in to update the database so you can order the products online.

I have gone cross-eyed preparing the database labels file so NZ Post can get your catalogue delivered to you as quickly as possible.  And then you can start planning your spring seed sowing.

bean red noodle

Production have been busy packing up the seed ready to put on the shelves.  They've also been busy reshuffling the shelves, taking out the deleted varieties and slotting in the new and exciting ones.  All the deleted varieties have been put into our Last Chance Bargain Bin on the website, so check them out - all $2.00 per packet.
bean jackson wonder

 Time now for a wee taste of the new varieties.

Sweet Pea Roseus

We grew this variety and harvested the seed ourselves.  It's a vigorous vine that flowers for months through summer.  The lovely rose pink flowers are prolific and have a light scent.
sweetp roseus

Zinnia Zahara Raspberry Lemonade

This Zinnia has larger flowers in a balanced mix of colours that suit the name of this variety. 
zinnia zahara

Organic Squash Honeynut

Here is a mini butternut that is very sweet with lots of dry flesh, perfect for roasting that we have added to our organic range.  They also store well for up to 6 months.
sq honeynut

French Potager Blend

Look at this fantastic new microgreen in our range.  I can't wait to try this myself as the flavours of carrot, chives, celery and rocket really appeal.
french potager

Rhubarb Cherry Red

A new rhubarb to tempt you all because everyone should have a rhubarb plant or two in their garden.  We have been trying it out here and find it less stringy with a lovely red colour.
rhubarb cherry

Tomato Marmande

New varieties of tomato are always popular.  This is an heirloom beefsteak variety which produces fruit early and tastes great.
tomato marmande


To conclude this blog, we'd like to let you know about our very first Saturday Open Day.  We usually hold these on a Friday but to celebrate the arrival of the new catalogue, we'll be open on Saturday July 12th.  Gerard will be talking about the new varieties.  There'll be new catalogues on hand and some special offers as well as the bargain bin with all the deleted varieties.  We would love to see as many of you there as possible, especially those of you who work on a Friday and can't usually make it, so if you are in the Bay of Plenty area, pop in between 10am and midday on Saturday July 12th.

Watch your letterbox and then have fun planning your gardens with the new varieties we have on offer.

demo day
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