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Stock Spring Sparkle

This week I thought that you might like a peak at one of our new varieties - this is Stock Spring Sparkle.
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stock spring sparkle 1

This week I thought that you might like a peak at one of our new varieties - this is Stock Spring Sparkle, sparkling away in my home garden. This is one of Kings Seeds' new varieties of flowers for 2012 - these started flowering a couple of weeks ago.
pots of flowers

The seeds were sown early in Spring and I planted some plants out into the garden and some into pots by the front door (along with some seedlings from the garden centre).
stock montage

These are lovely little plants - I wish I'd raised a few more to scatter around the garden.  They have the prettiest little flowers - the flowers are a deep rose colour when they first open and then as time goes by they fade through shades of purple/blue/pink to a pale lilac colour.  It is lovely having such a range of colours on the one plant.

They are quick to grow from seed so if you want this pretty little plant in your garden this season, then get sowing - they come highly recommended!

The Stock Spring Sparkle was the first equal in the race to be the first flowering new plant in the garden this season - they shared the glory with our many self-seeded borage plants, and the nasturtiums.

There are other flowers-in-waiting too.  I am looking forward to our first fresh herbal chamomile tea as the chamomile has white buds just about to open.  There are also buds on the cosmos and the first sunflowers to be sown have now started to form buds.

But this week my thanks definitely go to the pretty virginia stock for being the first of our annuals to flower for us this year.

Have a lovely weekend in your garden everyone!
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