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Photo Competition Winners 2014

Every year we ask you to send in your garden photos and every year we get a huge response.
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Picture this........

Taking a stroll though your garden, wine in hand if that's your style, taking photos of the growing progress and grown produce.  Getting the children/grandchildren to pose in the garden.......trying 'up close' and 'far away' angles........snapping your pets as they meander through the garden with you.  Out of all those photos, there must be at least a couple that are worth emailing to us for Kings Seeds' Photo Competition.

back cover

Every year we ask you to send in your garden photos and every year we get a huge response.  The deadline for getting these to us is the end of April giving you heaps of time to click away before choosing your favourites to enter the competition.  Having your camera to hand when you are gardening is not easy but try the ideas above - you never know what masterpiece is on the other side of your lens.

All our staff participate by choosing their favourites.  The chosen ones are narrowed down until we have a pool of finalists.  In the past few years the standard has been excellent enabling us to select one as our cover photo - a great honour for both the photographer and for us.

Here is this year's winner and what a fantastic cover image this makes!

Taken by Cherie Palmer who was very excited to be told she was the winner and even more excited about spending her $100 voucher.

This picture of Broccoli Precoce Romanesco was taken by Florence Kerr and is the cover photo used for our wholesale price list.
wholesale cover2

One of our favourite categories is kids in the garden.  The photos in this category seem to get the most votes.  We particularly like the candid ones where little people are actually working or eating in the garden.

kids in the garden1

kids in the garden2

Another category is insects in your garden.

We have a section for flower photos.

Then there are the lovely vegetable photos.


Other categories are The Gardeners and The Gardens.

We love receiving your photos and every day, there's at least one email with an amazing photo for us to "Oooooo" and "Aaahhhh" over.  We deem the sharing of your photos to be a great treat (and privilege) so a big thank you to all the participants!!  We hope the winners are enjoying their prizes.  And remember, keep snapping away.....

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