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New Varieties 2013

Hooray......its that time of the year when we are waiting!!!  The catalogue is with the printers and in the first week of July we will be sending out more than 15,000 copies.  
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Hooray......its that time of the year when we are waiting!!!  The catalogue is with the printers and in the first week of July we will be sending out more than 15,000 copies.  Then we go like mad things, getting the first flush of orders out the door to all of you keen gardeners who place their Spring order in the first week after receiving your beautiful new, glossy catalogue.

We know from your feedback that there is a lot of anticipation every year about the release of the new catalogue.  This is also indicated by the number of people who pop in on our Friday public days, the emails and the phone ringing non-stop in July.  We put a lot of time and effort every year into selecting and sourcing new varieties, deciding which varieties to retire, writing descriptions and growing information for the catalogue and updating the website for your on-line shopping, so we are really proud to get the catalogue to you for (we hope) many hours of browsing and decision making about your Spring planting.


Every year, a big part of putting the new catalogue together is choosing new varieties.  Each year we add 40-60 new varieties to our range.  Then a few tough decisions are also made about which varieties to cull from the current list, all in an effort to keep your gardens productive and interesting.


Gerard spends a lot of time on this task, researching trends, finding replacements for varieties that are difficult to source and finding new and interesting things so that our customers can try something different.  Quite often, during the previous Spring, we staff are given a few precious seeds to trial potential new varieties in our own gardens.  Our feedback then helps with the decision on whether to include that new variety in the catalogue.   Gerard's passion for this task is endless and the huge range of seeds we offer at Kings Seeds is the result....really useful when you are looking for something different!



Here is just a tiny little taster of some of the new varieties that will be available for you very soon.....

Blue PeaPea Blue Shelling
This unusual coloured pea can be eaten as a snow pea or left to plump up for harvesting as a shelling pea.

Poppy Fruit CocktailPoppy Fruit Cocktail
A vibrant range of colourful oriental poppies that flower for a long period of time.

Pumpkin show winnerPumpkin show winner
Here is another pumpkin that you can grow for the competitions.
This one matures to a range of colours.

Bean Gold MarieBean Gold Marie Vining
A runner bean that is being added to our organic range.
You can keep the seed and plant every year  - it has great flavour and excellent productivity.

new petuniaPetunia Blueberry Lime Jam F1
This sounds yummy.
A blend of lime green and midnight blue cascading from a basket.

Equine greensEquine Grazing Mix
Our Chicken Greens blend has been really popular - now we have a non-rye-grass mix for your horses.

Tomato ThessalonikiTomato Thessaloniki
For all the tomato gurus, here's a new one to try this season, named after a Greek city.

If you are looking for these on the website, they will be available from 1st of July.  You can use the search box and type in part of the name and press enter, then click on the picture for full information.  Or you can use the 'Whats New this Season' category to find everything new.


Inevitably, we have  a few people each year who are disappointed to find that a certain variety has been deleted from our range.  Sorry, we would love to be able to stock everything, but the warehouse would be groaning on its foundations, so we need to stay around the 1000 varieties mark.  We thought you might like a little insight into the main reasons for deciding not to stock certain varieties of seed:

1.  They become difficult to source from one of our reputable growers
2.  Crop failures
3.  We have not been happy with the germination percentage of the stock
4.  It's just not selling enough to warrant sourcing again.

When the decision is made to delete a variety, Gerard endeavours to replace it with something similar.  For example, this year the Bean Nor'Easter runner has been deleted from our organic range, but we have introduced a new variety called Bean Vitalis which is very similar.  Sometimes you will see a new variety that then it is not available the following year.  This is usually due to interest in that particular variety not being as high as anticipated, or a limited amount of seed being available.

As soon as the catalogue goes out, we have a huge influx of orders and this is usually a good indication of which new varieties have tweaked your interest.  Its a challenge trying to anticipate how much seed will be required, so occasionally you may find a new variety is 'out of stock'.  Be assured that we will be trying our hardest to get new stock in as quickly as possible, but the early orders will always have more guarantee of getting their entire order without the 'Out of Stock' slip being enclosed in their order.

We have a Demo Day each year that covers the new varieties.  Gerard talks about all the new things to grow and everyone is given a handout and the new catalogue.  This year the New Varieties Demo Day will be held at 10am sharp on Friday 12th July at our premises here in Katikati.  We would love to see you, otherwise enjoy browsing on-line or enjoying your catalogue when it arrives in the mail.  (To receive a catalogue automatically, you will need to have purchased seed directly from us during the previous 12 months.  If you haven't received a catalogue by mid-July, send us an email to [email protected]  to find out how to get one).

So here's looking forward to the Spring season and the new catalogue!
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