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Mini Harvest Display

We are open to the public every Friday morning at Kings Seeds, and every few weeks we have a demonstration day.
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We are open to the public every Friday morning at Kings Seeds, and every few weeks we have a demonstration day.  We've had quite a number of them now... some of the topics we've covered have been how to sow seeds, microgreens, sprouting seeds, basil varieties (Karen gave a demonstration on how to make pesto), green manure and autumn sowing ideas.  This week we decided we would have a mini harvest festival so that people could bring along produce from their garden (grown from seed) for a bit of a show and tell.    We thought you might like to see a few of the photographs we took today.
1setting up 2

Camilla and Jen had a great time arranging everything.  We had to borrow some of the hay belonging to Gerard's new guinea fowl chicks but I'm sure they didn't mind.
2Jen with the potatoes

Jen making sure the potatoes were arranged nicely.  (Technically neither the potatoes nor the eggs were grown from seed, but they looked nice on display.)

3harvest display 2

Jude, Jen and Gerard brought in lots of mini pumpkins for the display.


We also had some trays of microgreens on display, all looking beautifully fresh and green and delicious.

5havest display

Props included some of Jen's vintage seed sieves.

6mini pumpkins 2

These very cute little pumpkins were a hit!  The pumpkins on the left are a variety called Gooligan (this is one of the varieties of our Mini Harvest Blend).  The pumpkin on the right is Wee Be Little

pumpkins and shallots

Carolyn brought in a plaited length of shallots to display alongside the pumpkins. 


We also brought the hay inside the seed room.   
Liz supplied an electric candle so that we didn't set the hay alight.  Then we broke it....sorry Liz!


We enjoyed our harvest festival.  Next year we will plan to have it a little earlier in the year so that we can bring in a greater variety of produce.     We thought mid-February would be good.  We hope you've enjoyed your brief cyber-visit to Kings Seeds....
11pumpkin photos
... and that you have a lovely weekend in your garden!
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Valda says ...
My goodness, I am so impressed by the vegetables displayed here. For some reason I really drool over pics of vege. Well done Kings Seeds!

Oh dear!

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