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A Sneak Preview - New Microgreens

I am a huge fan of microgreens and am really excited to have another opportunity to talk about them in this week's blog post.
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Why are microgreens so popular?

I am a huge fan of microgreens and am really excited to have another opportunity to talk about them in this week's blog post.  You might remember that we did a tutorial on growing microgreens last year.  If you haven't tried growing microgreens before, check out the tutorial for some useful tips on growing microgreens.

If I try to analyse why I like microgreens so much, it's probably partly because... plants are cute (like puppies and kittens)...

...microgreens are very quick to produce a harvest, which suits an impatient person like me...

...there is a definite element of glamour to microgreens - they are often used on very desirable, delicious and stylish haute cuisine dishes (although in very stingy quantities!  The good thing about growing them yourself is that you can be a little more generous with your serving sizes, which means that you can therefore have more of the flavour reward!)

...microgreens are often visually spectacular - vivid purples, reds, greens  and multicoloured mixes. 


...they just look like they're good for you (and they are!)

The real reason why they are so popular is probably because they taste great.  Just imagine your lunch with the addition of a sprinkling of basil microgreens (especially when it is too cold outside to grow basil) or with some spicy and visually spectacular radish rambo microgreens. 

We are increasing our range of microgreens with the new catalogue that is due out in July (just weeks away now!), so this week we are going to give you a sneak preview of some the additions to our microgreen range.   For those of you who like microgreens, we are sure the new offerings will whet your appetite.   The new varieties introduce some great colours, tastes and textures into our range.  We've grown some of these new varieties for our microgreen demos and they have proved popular with customers (and staff!).

Beet Rainbow Lights is a new addition to our microgreen is a mixture of coloured beet.  The tiny stems are coloured yellow, gold, orange, pink and magenta and this mix is visually striking.  The leaves are shiny and tender.  Beet microgreens do best when there is some warmth so grow them when the weather is warmer or coddle them a little.

If you like watercress, then you could try growing Cress American Upland.   This is a mild tasting cress with a slight peppery taste.   The bonus is that unlike watercress it can be grown in seed raising mix rather than in water.


We will be adding our own Mesclun Kale Blend to our microgreen range.  This blend includes Cavolo Nero, Kale Red Russian, Kale Pink Stem and Kale Squire and produces crisp, crunchy microgreens with a sweet taste.

Mizuna Red Coral has a feathered red leaf with a mild mustard flavour.    This has a very pretty leaf with a mottled bicolour.  This is a lovely looking microgreen and easy to grow.

Mustard Giant Red is great to grow for a bit of extra has a spicy taste and is another pretty addition to the plate.

We're also adding a micro Pak Choi to our range and we are sure it will be popular....Pak Choi Mini Leaf is fast growing and crunchy with a delicate, sweet taste.

Rocket has always been popular with our commercial growers and we are now offering it in our microgreen range to home gardeners too.  Rocket has a distinctive tangy taste popular in gourmet salads.

We are also adding another rocket - Rocket Runway - to our range.  It has a slightly milder taste and a crisper texture than Rocket and its leaves are more upright (similar to Arugula) for ease of harvest.

And finally is my own personal favourite - Sorrel.  Gerard grew sorrel as a microgreen for us to try and it is delicious - it has a wonderful lemony, citrusy flavour. 

Now the difficult part...

Well, growing microgreens isn't actually at all difficult, ... so the difficult part is just going to be waiting until these new varities are available in July.  We hope we've whetted your appetite a little. 

(By the way - just as an aside - if you have been meaning to have a go at growing microgreens, now is a great time to give it a go as they are on special this month.  You can try a few different microgreens and see which are your favourite flavours!)
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Fionna Hill, author of "How to Grow Microgreens", via email says ...
Great new range of microgreens.

Oh dear!

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