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Wedding Flowers/Favours

Weddings! This topic is worth having a look at as we get many queries requesting information about growing flowers to create a beautiful setting for weddings and seeds that can be used to make up wedding favours for the guests.
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Weddings.........this topic is worth having a look at as we get many queries requesting information about growing flowers to create a beautiful setting for weddings and seeds that can be used to make up wedding favours for the guests.

The main questions can be classified into three topics:
  1. Growing flowers in the garden for a display timed to look magnificent for the big day
  2. Growing flowers for bouquets and table arrangements
  3. Which seeds to use as wedding favours.

We thought it might be a good idea to look at what is trending in wedding flowers before answering the above questions so keep reading...............

Edible flowers
Edible flowers in the food industry are very popular and you may have seen them packaged and sold in some of the upmarket foodstores.  The colours are varied as you can use viola, borage, cornflowers, dianthus, marigold, nasturtium, calendula.  Fresh flowers used as decoration on the cake look fabulous and the fact that they are edible is perfection.  Consider what other dishes on your menu could be based on edible flowers or be used as a garnish.  Most caterers are happy to oblige. 

Seasonal blooms with a rustic tone
There is a big interest in locally-grown and seasonal flowers reflecting the regions and seasons.  The resulting look is a garden-to-table style for table centrepieces and forest/woodland inspired bouquets with foraged ferns, greens and branches.

Wide bridal bouquet shapes
The shape of bouquets is moving from the tight ball-shape to a more bulky look that tends to offer more visually interesting lines.  This is easily achieved organically with vine foliage and arching branches that are shaped to cascade.
Old-fashion flowers are making a comeback
No doubt some brides will cringe at the mere mention of carnations or chrysanthemums but there are new varieties that style-conscious brides are requesting as an option.  Old heirloom varieties are appearing in the market in subtle pastel/antique colours such as peach, lilac and light pink to name a few.  Scented, frilly carnations, long-stemmed Sweet Peas with a subtle scent and bigger flowers and Zindarella Zinnias.  We are bringing in some new long stemmed Sweet Peas in the next catalogue (July 2016) that can be grown in glasshouses and would be suitable for this purpose.
Table Centrepieces
It seems the multiple floral designs per table is popular which is a move away from the one per table.  The round tables are being replaced by the extra long banquet style tables (sometimes referred to as Kings table) which requires different shapes for the centrepieces.  Larger, longer arrangements are in with single stems or short vases interspersed.

zrustic flower arrangement-911

Backdrops full of foliage
A creative wall using vines, ivy, branches and leaves is a great alternative to the traditional arch or arbor adorned with flowers.  Flowers can be incorporated in the wall as well of course but this tends to increase the cost and labour somewhat.

Wearable floral accessories
Headpieces made to match bouquets or vines woven into hairstyles are in style.  Another trend is creative use of flowers and succulents in accessories such as necklaces, rings and bracelets.  These tend to replace the wrist corsages.

First Question:   Timing your flowers for wedding day display

In our most recent catalogue, we have made some improvements that you can use to help with planning of this kind.  The information about how long the variety takes to mature is provided.  Add the maturation time to the time it takes to germinate (also provided) and how long you will grow the seedling before transplanting.  Now you have a good indication of when the display will be at its best.  The information is also in the information bars for each variety on our website.

Second Question:   Growing flowers for bouquets and table arrangements

Refer to both the Trends and the answer for the First Question.  In the 'Flowers' category there is a sub-category for 'Cut Flowers' which will help to guide you in your search for which varieties are best suited for this purpose.

fav construction-612

Third Question:   Wedding Favours

There is a continuing trend to have seeds included as a small gift for wedding guests to take away with them as a momento of the day.  Another is to present a single flower for the guest to take home, usually linked with the wedding flowers of the day.

We have had requests for all types of seed but the most common by far are the sunflower seeds and wildflower seeds.  Other varieties have been the Swan plant, Violets/Viola, Cosmos, Cornflowers, Nigella Love in the Mist, Sweet Peas & Poppies.

The colour range from all of the above provides plenty of choice and most of them are easy to grow.  Some favours have growing instructions included but this changes the size of container required.

Containers are varied and by purchasing from suppliers such as Spotlight, Warehouse or $2 shops, these are a great economical gift.  Pack your seed in little drawstring bags made of organza, hessian, calico or make some from fabric in the wedding colours.  Alternatively, use cute little containers or a combination of both bags and containers.

Another option is to grow little individual containers of something for each guest.  Microgreens interest many people these days, so why not grow a wee container of some for each guest to takeaway with them.  They can also double up as place names for the seating plan.  Or lovely little herb pots (see picture at the beginning of this blog).

Wedding Favours

You could also grow a nice low growing flower that matches the wedding colours that the guests can take with them to plant in their own gardens.  Some easy examples would be Edible Viola, Bellis Pompoms, dwarf Calendulas, Daisy Kingfisher, Irish Moss, Livingstone Daisy, Nemophila, Alyssum.

The list of what you can use flowers for at your wedding are endless.  Hopefully we have given you a few ideas to consider.  We are happy to help with your wedding requirements by supplying the seed you require in bulk.  It's just a matter of browsing our website for the colour and look and working out how many seeds you need so we can convert that into grams and give you a quote.

Happy wedding planning.

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