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Using your preserved herbs

After harvesting, drying and storing your herbs, it’s time to actually use them!
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Using your preserved herbs

so, after harvesting, drying and storing your herbs, it’s time to actually use them!

I have been known to be extremely proud of my harvesting & drying activity and after admiring my stored herbs, putting them out of my mind. Along comes harvest time next year, with nice fresh produce, which is when I remember that I haven’t used last year’s efforts and out they go! They lose their vim, vigour and potency after this length of time and you can really tell the difference between them and the new season’s harvest.

COOKING is the obvious first choice – the flavour that herbs can bring to your meals is amazing and no meal is complete without some herbal input. During those winter months, when there’s not so many fresh herbs to pick, remember your dried ones and think Bay, Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme, Dill, Fennel and Sage. Just crush those dried whole leaves before sprinkling in your pan. Don’t forget the frozen Basil either – great for pasta. Remember if using dried herbs, they have a higher flavour concentration, so you need less quantity than if they were fresh.


HERBAL TEAS make fantastic drinks and using dried herbs enables year-round consumption. Whether you just want a nice relaxing drink – Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena perhaps, or have a particular ailment you want to relieve – got a sore throat, go to Sage and/or Thyme, there is a herbal drink you can make to fit the bill. Steep your desired herbs in a plunger for 5-10 minutes (or to whatever strength you desire) and imbibe!

Herbal Tea
POTPOURRI AND SCENTED SACHETS are a great way to add refreshing aromas to your environment. I am a fan of using my dried lavender for scented sachets. I save those small organza/net bags (great recycling), put lavender flowers or seeds inside and place in my wardrobe, drawers on under my pillow. Moths hate lavender, it’s a great sleep enhancer and just smells great. Potpourri is an extension of this with other scented dried material such as Roses in a small bowl.

Lavender Dried Used

SMUDGE STICKS using dried White Sage can be made by wrapping the dried leaves around a stick such as Rosemary and binding with cotton string. Other scented herbs can be incorporated too. Light the end of the sage bundle and let the smoke waft in the air. Move around to cleanse a room or larger area.

White Sage
Remember to use your preserved herbs regularly.
There'll be plenty again next year...

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