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Tomato Choices - the most recent additions

What kind of tomato grower are you? Do you like to try new varieties each summer? 
Or do you tend to stick with your favourites?
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Mimault tomatoes-933
What kind of tomato grower are you?

Do you like to try new varieties each summer?  Or do you tend to stick with your favourites?

Tomatoes are one of our big sellers and the fact that we have so many - currently 74 varieties - creates a lot of interest and inquiries.  We are endeavouring to provide you with as many choices as possible but it can be a little overwhelming for those of you that just want a beefsteak or a cherry tomato.

We also receive many inquiries about Heirloom or Heritage tomatoes of which we have many.  The garden centres sell a bigger variety of tomato plants these days but still no where near the number of different varieties you can grow from seed.  Choosing which varieties to grow each year is great fun so here is some information to help with that process.

Every new catalogue has some new varieties added so we thought you might like to have a look at them.



black oxheart

Tomato Black Oxheart

This is a variety that has been grown by us this year for seed harvesting so we know first hand that it grows well.  We are advocates of black tomatoes definitely rating in taste testing so if you can bring yourself to grow tomatoes that are not red, this is a good heirloom one to start with.  Being an oxheart style fruit, these are a fleshy tomato.


grape tomato
Tomato Winter Grape

An heirloom that is great for making tomato sauces for pasta and pizza.  A genuine Italian tomato that is really good for drying.  The climbing plants can be a little slow to take off but once growing they produce a plentiful crop.


Tomato Siderno F1

Grow this one in a container as it was developed in Germany for urban gardeners.  Make sure the container is sturdy as the plant tends to produce lots of golf ball size fruit that have good taste.  Staking may be required if fruiting heavily.


Matts wild cherry toms

Tomato Matts Wild Cherry

A few of us grew these heirloom tomatoes last summer.  I admit I probably didn't look after them very well except to tie up the vines that were sprawling all over my trellising.  Despite that, they were really prolific and it was easy to cut the clusters from the vine.  They got away on me and I kept finding big clusters of these very sweet tomatoes in amongst my Chef's Choice Orange so the best way to handle them is to give the vine lots of room.

vintage wine

Tomato Vintage Wine
This beefsteak tomato is quite unique with its striped skin but the stripes do not appear in the flesh.  Nice big fruit means you only need one slice on your sandwich.

Tomato Andiamo F1

If you are wanting a paste tomato this is a great alternative to the Roma tomatoes.  The vines are prolific which is indicated in the name - Andiamo translates to "lets go" in Italian.



Tomato Brandymaster Pink F1

This is a modern version of the Brandywine Pink tomato with a firm yet juicy texture.  Produces lots of fruit and has good disease resistance.


chefs choice
Tomato Chefs Choice Orange F1

We all grew this one to see what it was like and it was judged as being a really nice tomato.  A bit bigger than the Jaune Flamme but same bright orange colour and tasty too.


Its always difficult when we have problems sourcing a customer favourite but as soon as it is available again, we get it back in the catalogue, so see below for some that we have been able to add back into the catalogue this season.

Tomato Baxters Early Bush

The orders for this have been coming in thick and fast after it came back into stock last week.  Being an early variety and as it grows well in containers, it is very popular.

baxters early-72

Tomato Black Krim

Yum....this is one of the best-selling black tomatoes in our range so its great that we are able to offer it again.  The fruit are large with a tart full flavour.

black krim2-738

Tomato Riesentraube

This is another popular tomato due to its prolific bunches of fruit produced.  The large number of flowers prior to fruiting make a good show in the garden too.


Now that you have read about these varieties of tomato, we hope you are inspired to try at least one new one in your vege patch this summer.  If you buy your tomatoes from the supermarket, hopefully, after reading this you are determined to grow your own and experience the taste difference.

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